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EIT Digital offers an EU-state financed complimentary service in which we pre-select promising enterprise-tech solutions out of the mass of new (often failing) startup innovations.

I advise corporate decision-makers on disruptive technology innovations to improve business. With a team of 40+ consultants, our mission is to "Grow a Strong Digital EU!" by enabling B2B innovations to contribute to corporate success.
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Jorian Bos
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Den Hague University of Applied Science

January 1999 - January 2005

Industrial Product Innovation & Engineering

Research areas of interest (20)

  • Electronics, IT and Telecomms
  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
  • Industrial Technologies
  • Energy Technology
  • Physical Sciences and Exact Sciences
  • and 15 more

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The Problem Industrial production planning consistently fails • Production management tools are archaic, usually • Excel, with mistaken manufacturing capacity • Production optimization is done on a trial and error basis which is erroneous and time-consuming • Inaccurate production planning[…]

• Founded in early 2014 by Dr. Justin Picard and Nathan J. Anderson • HQ in Lausanne (Switzerland) with branch offices in Shanghai, Amsterdam and Singapore • 35 employees with global delivery & project rollout capabilities • Backed by institutional investors (SOSV, Credit Suisse, innogy Vent[…]

Today’s world is data-driven. A huge amount of business data has a geographic link. Location-related data holds a rich potential of insights for your proprietary data strategy. But still, location analytics methods are complex and rarely applied to business challenges. WE MAKE LOCATION ANALYTI[…]'s customizable solution motivates policyholders to adopt a more health-conscious lifestyle, helping health and life insurers to reduce their claims. Through our health platform, we generate digital touch points with the insured and thus, offer the insurer a perfect opportunity for up- an[…]

VersaBox is a Smart Robotics company. We bring together talents of new generation of innovators, software designers and engineers to develop world class, advanced technology solutions for the transforming global manufacturing and logistics. We put autonomy to work for our clients by implementing […]

The digital era has changed relationships with customers, vendors & investors, with many being online. Neotas’ platform powered by AI and machine learning analyses publicly available information including social media and the deep web to provide deeper insights into people and companies at high s[…]

DCbrain is the Artificial Intelligence specialist applied to Energy and Logistics networks allowing industrial companies to optimize, forecast and make reliable flows to obtain operational recommendations in real time. More Info & Videos:   […]

CerbAir develops its Anti-Drone and Drone Detection Solutions from start to finish. Rethink your airspace security and trust us to defend your sensitive site or event from any kind of drone intrusion.[…]

The FlyNex system enables automated flight operations with fast compliance for flight certification, leading to unique data-generation for security, research, predictive maintenance, rehabilitation, and construction.[…]

Finally enjoy a simple and intuitive navigation system for your favorite means of transportation. Velco's offers a connected bike handlebar and flexible solutions for navigation and security services ideal for fleet managers and city mobility.[…]

MatchX develops superior LPWAN (Low-Power-Wide-Area-Network) hardware and software, a comprehensive IoT cloud and reporting solutions with blockchain. MatchX provides deep coverage reaching underground basements and inside refrigerators up to 20km+, ultra-low power (runs for 10+ years), a large conn[…]

United Signals is a German specialist for paperless and easy to use client solutions. With products like digital onboarding, electronic contracts and client portals they support companies of all industries. Due to white label capabilities and the flexibility of the solution, the software can be used[…]

Armadillo provides original registry documents, corporate reports, PEPs and Sanctions checks, as well as ID verification for Know Your customer (KYC), Due Dilligence and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) via proprietary technological solutions which we have been perfecting since 1997.[…]

SonoBeacon’s technology reaches customers at the point of interest with pinpoint accuracy. By offering reliable localisation, information and interaction, their products make numerous applications possible.[…]

EasyBroadcast solves the cost and quality challenges of broadcasters, enterprises and over-the-top (OTT) players streaming video and audio content.[…]

Zelros Sales Advisors understands the profile of customer and recommends the best products, the best arguments and prices. Zelros Customer Services suggests the best answer to provide and the next best action depending on the particular client context.[…]

Webio uses the power of AI and machine learning to introduce a 'blended approach' to customer engagement that lets automated bots work alongside contact center agents to seamlessly engage with customers via messaging apps and voice-first interfaces to deliver optimal customer conversation outcomes.[…]

Grape is a secure GDPR-ready enterprise communication platform. The messenger can be implemented into company's internal and external workflow and integrated in any software solution, allowing search actions and file management with all company data.[…]

OmniBot’s conversational AI platform allows developers and companies to easily build advanced chatbot and voice assistant interface into any web, mobile or IoT application with maximum data privacy and security.[…]

Bloola is a toolbox that enables companies to digitise their organization – by centralising communication, marketing and sales processes that often happen in silos to one central environment with effective task management. Bloola's customer include: BMW, Fraunhofer, Rhein Energie, Triton, Vodafon.[…]

Connecting the Internet of Things. Build your professional LoRaWAN® network with LORIOT and unleash the power of IoT technology to transform the world. Join the network now![…]

Creactives’ AI technology combined with Knowledge Engineering cleanses, enriches and harmonises multi-lingual textual descriptions of materials managed in ERP records to improve supply chain processes. Listed by Gartner in the “Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management” in 2015 and as a “Cool Vendo[…]

Eiratech Robotics offers good-to-person robotics solution for distrubution centres and warehouses - whereby a fleet of robots finds and brings items to fulfil online orders and to handle returns.[…]

Actively defending personal and corporate data. Defentry is a cybersecurity company that combats ID hijackings and hacked accounts through the use of large data acquisition, AI and machine learning.[…]

Defending against cyber threats requires an active immune system. We provide innovative and scalable solutions for sustainable defence of your company’s digital assets.[…]

The best developer tool to load test your web applications. Gatling FrontLine is Gatling’s official Enterprise version offering a management interface for Gatling, that includes advanced metrics and advanced features for integration and automation.[…]

This IoT Suite supports you through the entire project and product lifecycle. You are supported in all phases from the conception of your application and the proof of concept to the marketability and operation of your solution. Good to know is that EIT Digital offers a FULLY-FREE 2-day session f[…]

UNWIRE AUTOMATION, BE BOLD. Turn your wired industrial applications into a wireless connected system to make them saver, faster, more flexible, efficient, durable, up and down scalable.[…]

Save time & money by solving problems remotely. Redefine the way service and maintenance is done today. With smart glasses, augmented reality and the multiple award-winning remote support solution Oculavis SHARE![…]

Smart Workforce Management SW tool aiming at improving sales in physical stores and reducing employee´s costs through Artificial Intelligence (proprietary algorithms of machine learning and advanced mathematics).[…]

We believe in VR’s power to transform the way we work by offering solutions for, Virtual Design Evaluation, Virtual Prototyping, (Surgeon) Training Models, Realistic Simulations and Virtual Product Configuration[…]

Are you struggling with an expensive and a too disease-specific Mobile Health solution? Introducing OpenTeleHealth - a powerful turnkey solution that will grow your business and optimize your workflow today.[…]

Lifestyle and treatment support powered by data science and A.I. Digital therapies designed for life. Our gamified programs help improve health outcomes, create connections with clinicians and patients, and deliver data insights.[…]

Feed business and operational intelligence with new and better data by tapping unexplored data sources, and discover strategic growth opportunities.[…]

Indexima allows users to drill the entire set of Big Data with instant dashboard display, searching tens of billions of rows in just a few milliseconds.[…]

Optimizing Factories with A.I. and Predictive Analytics. A comprehensive portfolio of services, technologies and trainings based on our competences related to Energy Efficiency, Predictive Maintenance and Reliability and on our know-how in Predictive Modelling.[…]

Wonderflow distills actionable insights from unstructured consumer feedback. Wonderflow offers a complete solution from A to Z. Through our use of AI-based technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP), we provide you with important advantages.[…]

Expivi is an online 3D product configuration platform for better visualization, communication and sales. Whether you want to configure a simple pen or a complex building, with Expivi’s Innovative 3D technology, you are able to visualize, customize and quote any product with all possible options and […]

Enable any retail consumer's receipts into brand awareness campaigns that deliver up to 45% higher ROI than traditional methods. JustSnap is a photo app that enables you to reach your end consumer independent from any reseller or intermediary. Find the way into the pocket of your brand ambassador in[…]

Frosmo is the most versatile personalization software, delivering 1.5 billion personalized customer journeys each day. Frosmo helps digital businesses that aim for better customer experiences and conversion rates through highly personalized content, recommendations, and AI.[…]

Individual, 3D printed orthoses and prostheses. This is not a thing of the future. This is happening right now. Do you want to know how you can actively use digital technologies for yourself and your work life? Then you have found exactly the right partner - Mecuris. We enrich wearers´ lives than[…]

LESS CODE MORE APPLICATION: Structr is the unique low code platform, which uses graph technology and is open source. Our goal is to deliver best-quality, innovative solutions and individual software development. The brand Structr was established in 2010 when Axel started the software project of t[…]

Synerise is an end-to-end platform that uses data and AI to help brands better respond to the needs of their customers, through automation applications, business intelligence reporting, communication and personalization tools, and pricing policy management. All in real-time and at scale, regardless […]

Tessan offers telemedicine and digital health solutions for healthcare professionals. Tessan its the first affordable autonomous soundproof telemedicine cabin. The connected medical cabin allows consultations in less than 15 min & 6 days a week with GP and specialists. Tessan incorporates 7medical d[…]

CoRehab is a clinically-endorsed platform that empowers rehabilitation professionals and trainers to care for their patients. The platform comprises of three parts: Riablo, a system that utilizes biofeedback exercise to empower motor control and coordination; CheckInMotion, an easy assessment tool f[…]

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