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Summary of the technology

VersaBox is a Smart Robotics company.

We bring together talents of new generation of innovators, software designers and engineers to develop world class, advanced technology solutions for the transforming global manufacturing and logistics. We put autonomy to work for our clients by implementing Smart Intralogistics platform based on autonomous robotic units.

VersaBox solutions fill out the growing human workforce deficits with efficient, intelligent devices and enable productivity improvements through new generation of agile intralogistics processes (Intralogistics 4.0). We achieve this by implementing systems of collaborative autonomous robotic units, orchestrated by an innovative process management platform.

EIT Digital

Details of the Technology Offer

VersaBox offers comprehensive, end-to-end solution for AMR based automation. Browse the catalog to access the specification of software components, AMR platforms, tools (top modules) for different processes and payload categories, and power supply solutions.

  • AUTONOMY@WORK™ is a software platform for Process Managers and AMR Fleet Managers. It offers powerful, user friendly features, supporting the design, execution and monitoring of smart intralogistics processes for manufacturing or warehousing operations. AUTONOMY@WORK transforms the fleet of versabots into a tireless, efficient digital workforce. Workforce executing work orders directly from WMS / MES systems, and managed by the digital coordinator. So that the human workers can focus on improving the factory or warehouse operations. Navigate this page to explore key functional areas of the platform, and get an overview of the structure of implementation process.
  • VERSABOX VIRTUAL FACTORY™ is a process design and simulation tool for operation managers and intralogistics specialists. Offers modeling, visualisation and evaluation of AMR-based intralogistics processes. Component of AUTONOMY@WORK™ platform, available also as an independent functionality. VERSABOX VIRTUAL FACTORY™ is one of the key tools supporting data driven implementation of the AUTONOMY@WORK™ platform. It enables operation managers and intralogistics specialists to model, evaluate, and optimise the configuration of AMR-based intralogistics processes. While an integrated component of the AUTONOMY@WORK platform, it may also be used as a standalone tool by organisations that are still evaluating the business case for smart intralogistics.
  •  VERSABOT 500: Main workhorse of VersaBox AMR fleet, versatile and suitable for most intralogistics assignments on the shop floor. Due to well thought out modular design VB500 can be adopted to specific shop floor environments, and different types of cargo.
  • VERSABOT 1500: The heavy lifter of VersaBox AMR fleet. It handles three times as much cargo as the basic VB500 unit with the same grace and agility and shares its modular design.
  • PERMANENT COUPLER MODULE: Permanent coupler is used to tow tools such as trolleys and dollies that actively perform pick-up and release operations. It provides standard Tool Interface between the robot and its tool – a set of power supply voltages, safety signals and communication bus. Standard Tool API allows True Autonomy system on the robot to control execution of actions performed by the tool.
  • POWER SUPPLY: A range of standardised accessories offering various recharging options. VersaBot 500 platform is equipped with lithium-ion battery suitable for operation in short cycles, that permits frequent rapid charging. The platform is charging the battery at the Automatic Power Station (APS). When docked in the APS, the platform stays there until the battery charge reaches a specified minimum level to ensure safe operation. Automatic Power Station may be installed as a standalone object, where AGV is send when idle (see “IDLE”) or integrated with a payload handling station. Batteries can also quickly replaced for charging in a convenient spot off-workspace.
  • LIFT MODULE: Module providing versabot with programmatic payload lifting capabilities. Payload pickup and release is controlled by process logic. The onboard lift is specially designed for pick-up and drop-off of payload between type-C roller conveyors (standard, gravity, motorised), or pallet holders. It can carry various types of pallets or containers, such as gitterboxes.
  • AUTOMATIC COUPLER MODULE: Module providing versabot with programmatic coupling capabilities – payload pickup and release is controlled by process logic. Its primary use is the towing of mobile platforms and trolleys between designated destinations. Standardized coupling interface allows for towing various types of trolleys or carts (e.g. pallet trolley, gitter boxer or kanban carts) with a single unit.

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