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Financial institutions are facing big challenges to meet fast moving market transformation and demand for easier ways to manage and control customers bank accounts and transactions. Fintech has emerged as a new concept to define the wave of new innovation and technology solutions in the financial sector. A huge growing community of Startups, technology based companies and research organizations has access to research funding and invest in new technology in fintech related areas such as scanning, voice recognition, 3d, artificial intelligence and new operating systems. Cyber security is also one of the main concerns not only in the finance sector but all over. The transport industry and Consumer goods sector, to mention a few, are also strongly investing in innovation related to artificial intelligence, mainframes and new operating systems not only to reach out new market segments but even to slightly transform their business models to meet customers fast changing needs. Thisis creating an environment for open collaboration in science and innovation where companies are actively searching for new partners and launching open innovation tech calls for players within and outsite the ecosystem to respond.