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Communications technology is one of the principal wellsprings for innovation that directly impacts Globalization. Mobile communications are fast enablers for transformation of society and thus market demand for innovative solutions. The development of highly sophisticated local area networks and data communication systems, access to the use of satellites technology allows innovative companies, startups and research organizations to build on new products and technology based on much more efficient and cost effective communication infrastructures. Digitalization is key factor for an economy to develop towards a knowledge society so that data communication technology, mobile communications and well developed local area networks are essential for an economy to transform into the digital era. Research funding and tech calls in the area are available now to explore collaboration opportunities in innovation and research.

PepsiCo posted this Technology Call

PepsiCo is interested in new methods to delight and engage with regard to promotional activity using existing packaging components such as bottles, labels and closures. PepsiCo connects with consumers in a variety of ways, such as advertising and social media. On a more personal, individualized level, PepsiCo can also connect with consumers via QR codes on labels or via unique codes added to the underside of a cap. Driven by the unique coding, these under-the-cap (UTC) codes can provide access to product or promotional information or can provide entry into a contest. Once redeemed, unique codes will need to be prohibited from further redemption. In order to access the code, the consumer must first purchase the product and then open the container by breaking the tamper evident bands to access the unique code. Often, however, the UTC codes can be difficult to read using either the human eye or with a cell phone camera. The main challenge: the closure base color has little contrast when compared to the UTC text. This results in a decline in consumer engagement and participation. PepsiCo is seeking: 1. Systems or technologies that can deliver a more positive consumer experience by ensuring greater visibility and legibility to unique UTC codes 2. Alternatives to the traditional UTC codes by leveraging bottles, labels or closure technologies that still require consumer purchase of the product prior to accessing the unique identifier. While PepsiCo is primarily interested in technologies that are closer to commercial availability, early-stage solutions may also be of interest, provided a clear development pathway exists.
Seeking novel technologies to enable consumer promotions using existing packaging components