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Familia Torres

Seeking a method for controlling the implantation of yeasts during alcoholic fermentation

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  • Posted by Familia Torres
  • ·
  • Project Size : 50,000 - 250,000 €

We are interested in knowing if during the alcoholic fermentation yeasts that are fermenting are the same ones that have been inoculated. The molecular method we use is long, we need 2 days to obtain the yeast colony, 1 day to get enough biomass and finally, 1 day to obtain de mitocondrial DNA and do the electrophoresis to know the result. We would like to go faster in obtaining the yeast and the biomass needed to get the result, especially.


Seeking novel packaging technologies to increase consumer engagement for PepsiCo's global beverage and snack products

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  • Posted by PepsiCo
  • ·
  • Project Size : 250,000 - 1,000,000 €

PepsiCo seeks to deliver a world-class consumer experience with its products and that experience begins with the packaging. PepsiCo seeks to identify a variety of new packaging technologies to increase consumer engagement for its global beverage and snack products. Below are some examples of new innovations and technologies that can deliver a different and unique experience for consumers such as: • Smart/interactive packaging o Consumer-level interactions that are visual, sound-based, touch-based o Technologies can be incorporated into caps, labels, cans, multi-pack carriers, etc. or even via vending equipment or an application o Ideal situation is interactive packaging that triggers a positive emotion in consumer during PepsiCo beverage consumption • Premium and/or personalized packaging o Advanced packaging decoration technologies like innovative labels, inks, etc. o Unique dosing methods or closures o Packaging that can create theater at the point of consumption, e.g. like Drinkfinity o Packaging or materials (e.g. coatings) that can keep beverages colder for longer o Other ways of offering consumer customization • User-friendly packaging o Packaging that is easy to open and use for users of all ages and abilities o Packaging that can inhibit or prevent spillage or mess The above list is not meant to be exclusive – if you have a packaging-related technology that can provide new consumer experience, we'd love to hear from you. Technologies that can successfully combine more than one of these interest areas are highly desirable. Please note: all proposed technologies must have advanced beyond the conceptual stage.


Seeking Innovative Sustainable Biopolymers and Biorenewable Building Blocks

  • Read
  • Posted by Clariant
  • ·
  • Project Size : Strategic project backed by large scale funding €

Synthetic polymers are often used as thickening agents for liquid formulations. Already small quantities (< 1%) enable the formation of a gel network, which is most important for the correct application of the product. However, due to their persistence the reputation of synthetic polymers has deteriorated during the last years, which has increased the demand for natural alternatives. Despite the huge interest of the industry in green alternatives, successful candidates are a rarity, due to numerous technical and commercial hurdles. It is therefore most important to find partnerships with universities, start-ups, or well-established companies, which may lead to the development of new sustainable polymers for industrial and consumer applications.

Christophe Auriant from Ouest Valorisation

Composite textile fibres which can detect chemicals

  • Read
  • Posted by Christophe Auriant from Ouest Valorisation
  • ·
  • Patents for licensing

This technology is about a smart textile material which is able to detect the presence of potentially harmful organic compounds (styrene, toluene, methanol…) in gas or liquid form. Detection occurs by a change of electrical conductivity once the textile in contact with at least one chemical.

UACOOPERA University of Aveiro from uacoopera

SmartFloor - Low power and wireless system for indoor detection, localization and navigation

  • Read
  • Posted by UACOOPERA University of Aveiro from uacoopera
  • ·
  • Patents for licensing

Wireless system for indoor detection, localization and navigation support of people or objects. The system is composed of a set of passive sensors integrated into the floor, which may be constituted by several materials, and does not require wired power feeding. The data collection and analysis modules communicate wirelessly.

Unitat de Valorització i Transferència Tecnològica (UViT) from Universitat de Lleida

A dynamic thermal system for reducing energy demands in buildings

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  • Posted by Unitat de Valorització i Transferència Tecnològica (UViT) from Universitat de Lleida
  • ·
  • Patents for licensing

The invention DARWIN-PCM is a new dynamic thermal system to be used in buildings to minimize their energy consumption for space heating and cooling. The University of Lleida seeks an industrial partner willing to adopt this new technology. The type of partner sought is for the production and commercialization of this protected technology under a license agreement. Other types of business relationships could be discussed.

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