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Welcome to Innoget, the open innovation network referent. Innoget is the trusted innovation network where you will meet brilliant experts worldwide, find novel technologies, groundbreaking startups and innovative business opportunities. By joining the innovation network you will bring your technologies faster to market, accelerate your innovation projects, outperform in technology scouting, and put you in front of global decision makers.

Popular on Innoget

ERTRAC Global Competitiveness Working Group

Seeking research & innovation centres of excellence in advanced manufacturing technologies

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  • Posted by ERTRAC Global Competitiveness Working Group
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  • Project Size : Strategic project backed by large scale funding €

Key for the European automotive industry will be to keep the production within Europe. Enabler for this are novel manufacturing technologies allowing for flexible manufacturing of customised products down to small or medium-size volume. It will be important that such technologies become also feasible for low-cost segments. We are looking for academic centers of excellence capable for future fundamental research on: • Qualifying additive manufacturing for safety-critical automotive parts • Inline control concepts improving quality parts (zero deficient parts) • Flexible manufacturing and assembly lines by utilizing advanced human-machine interactions (robot assisted manufacturing, integration of mobile robots in assembly lines) • Advanced manufacturing technologies for multi-material parts and smart materials

Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI

Universal sensor platform for immunoassay

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  • Posted by Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI
  • ·
  • Patents for licensing

The research group in Bioelectrochemistry and Biosensors of the University of Alcalá has developed a method for the construction of a universal analytical device that allows the adaptation of any ELISA format to an immunosensor format, in order to develop simple, low cost and easy to use sensors. This device is based on the sequential deposition of self-assembled monolayers of polymers and affinity elements, applicable for the detection and quantification of any analyte or target antigen in a liquid sample, which allows the development of "on-demand" immunosensors. The group looks for companies or institutions from agro-food, bio-sanitary and environmental sector, interested in reaching collaboration agreements, commercial agreements with technical assistance or patent licensing.

Elaine Wang from Haier

Seeking a technical solution for sample marking and identification at temperature of -86°C

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  • Posted by Elaine Wang from Haier
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  • Project Size : 250,000 - 1,000,000 €

At present, technologies such as RFID technology for rapid tag identification cannot be realized at -86°C. It is hoped to find a sample identification scheme that can quickly identify and access the environment at -86°C.

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