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MIT Solve

Seeking solutions for building and designing healthy cities

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  • Posted by MIT Solve
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  • Project Size : 250,000 - 1,000,000 €

Each year Solve seeks solutions from tech innovators around the world for its Global Challenges, and anyone can submit a solution by July 1, 2019. Finalists are invited to pitch their solutions at Solve Challenge Finals during UN General Assembly Week in New York City in September. Selected Solver teams will join a supportive community of peers, funders, and experts to help advance their work; receive mentorship and strategic advice from Solve and MIT networks; attend Solve at MIT, our annual flagship event in May; and receive access to more than $1.5 million in prize funding for the 2019 Challenges. In the last two years, thanks to our partners, Solve has brokered commitments of over $12 million in funding for Solver teams and entrepreneurs, in addition to in-kind support such as mentorship, technical expertise, media and conference exposure, and business and entrepreneurship training.

Hempel Group

Seeking partners for development of Photovoltaic paint.

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  • Posted by Hempel Group
  • ·
  • Project Size : Strategic project backed by large scale funding €

We are seeking partners that can contribute to the development of a Photovoltaic coating. A partner should be able to contribute within at least one of the following areas: Photovoltaic coating: A coating that has photovoltaic properties and that allows the extraction of the resulting electrons. The coating might contain perovskite particles or other photocatalytic particles. The binder should be able to disperse the photocatalytic particles and should allow the extraction of the generated electricity while providing good film forming properties. The coating could be water based, solvent based or solvent-free. Current collection: Suitable materials for current collection from the photovoltaic coating. Solution on the position of the electrodes relative to the photovoltaic coating as well as the geometry of the electrodes is of interest. Important criteria's for selection of the proper material includes • The catalytic durability of the material. • The photovoltaic paint as well as the current collectors should be easy to apply on site • The durability when exposed to the environment. • The chosen technology should not contain substances of concern and is a candidate for passing REACH and other equivalent regulations.

Elaine Wang from Haier

Seeking Innovative Built-in Fridge Design Teams

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  • Posted by Elaine Wang from Haier
  • ·
  • Project Size : 50,000 - 250,000 €

We are looking for an innovative design partner with the capability and experience to create new built-in fridge products. Nowadays, built-in or we may call fully flush refrigerators are becoming a new market trend, esp. in European and American market so we are looking for European or American vendor resources; If you are the right partner to work with us, please don't hesitate to submit your profiles.

Unitat de Valorització i Transferència Tecnològica (UViT) from Universitat de Lleida

New phase-change materials with enhanced thermal energy storage capacity

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  • Posted by Unitat de Valorització i Transferència Tecnològica (UViT) from Universitat de Lleida
  • ·
  • Patents for licensing

A family of compounds with enhanced thermal properties was jointly developed by chemistry and energy engineering researchers. This technology is under further development for obtaining compounds with the same thermal properties but from affordable natural sources i.e. fats and oils, usually considered by-products in the agro-food industry. The University of Lleida seeks industrial partners with expertise in the sector of phase-change materials (PCMs) to adopt a new technology mainly useful for waste heat recovery procedures in the industrial sector. The type of partner sought is for the regulatory development and commercialization of the protected technology under a license agreement.

Servei de Gestió de la Innovació from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - UPC

Vibration-assisted ball burnishing: A solution for Surface enhancement through acoustoplasticity

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  • Posted by Servei de Gestió de la Innovació from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - UPC
  • ·
  • Innovative Products and Technologies

An innovative system to modify the surface integrity, i.e. surface texture and roughness, hardness and residual stress, of previously milled workpieces has been developed. The system can be easily integrated in real manufacturing environments, but should be tested with that aim. Partners to further develop the system and/or to establish commercial agreements along with technical cooperation are sought.

Maria João Cardoso from UATEC - Unidade de Transferência de Tecnologia

Pínea - Eco-friendly firelighter

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  • Posted by Maria João Cardoso from UATEC - Unidade de Transferência de Tecnologia
  • ·
  • Patents for licensing

Eco-friendly firelighters, exclusively composed by natural and recycled materials, based on forest waste and bee wax. The firelighter resulting from this mixture is, itself, involved in a vegetal fiber-based paper, which can be detachable and individually used. The product aims the promotion of a better environmental sustainability and a closer relationship with the forest.

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