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The transport industry is being challenged by major changes in the way their customers and users value and use their products and services. Innovation challenges they face are not limited to the transportation industry but also to industrial companies, defense, retail industry and electronics among many others. The must do to develop environmental and sustainable products is also transforming the industry as whole while demanding new inventions in the area of electronics, batteries or power supplies. New business models are raising lots of research and investment funds from corporates, Venture capital firms and Business Angels in a sprint to become the new market leaders. Also on the news is the healthcare industry that offers lots of open tech calls to develop collaborative innovation projects related to eletronic equipment, lasers technology, microprocessors, scientific instrumentation and analytical instrumentation.

Strategic Allies Ltd. posted this Technology Call

We are working with a large direct selling company in the USA, with a presence in many overseas markets and a range of established nutrition, personal care, skin care and home-care product brands that positively impact the health and wellness of its end-consumers. These brands are recognized as innovative, backed by science and are successfully marketed and sold by an extensive entrepreneurial network, who are always looking to introduce the next generation of consumer products. The client is actively searching for commercially ready, emerging (and soon to become leading) consumer products for the health and wellness sector, which they can initially introduce into Hong Kong and/or Canada and potentially for further international expansion. They wish to continue their introduction of innovative branded products and partner with smaller companies looking for a foothold in lucrative markets, ensuring their customer base is offered the widest range of effective and truly innovative early-stage products that have yet to become mainstream. Many consumers are influenced to invest in new products by personal and social recommendations, and recognize the need to improve the following elements to ensure a healthy lifestyle and continual well-being: Mental health, Healthy food/diet, Essential nutrients, Hydration, Exercise, Petcare, Beauty/image, Homecare, Fertility, Sleep, Childcare, Mindfulness