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Innovawin 2.006, S.L
Av. Cerdanyola, 79 - 81, 2º1ª
08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) Spain.
Phone: 34-93-755-62-53
Fax: 34-93-755-62-65
C.I.F. (Fiscal Identification Code) B-64205032

Innoget informs its privacy, electronic communications and personal information protection policy so that you may, of your own free will, furnish Innoget, if you judge this pertinent, with the personal data that may be requested from you for access to the different contents and services offered in its website.

You are requested, for this purpose, to give your consent to this privacy policy and accept these General Conditions.

Failure to accept this privacy policy will imply that the services rendered and website contents offered by Innoget shall not be made available and that the system subscription process shall be interrupted.

Customers shall in all cases be liable for the truthfulness and/or ownership of the data furnished. Express instructions shall be given as to the necessary or optional nature of such data for system subscription and the rendering of services which you seek.

Innoget shall presume that the data furnished is true and belongs to the interested party, and reserves the right to prevent any user who has submitted false data or data belonging to third parties without their consent from accessing the contents and/or services which require personal data.

Any information furnished, deposited or transmitted by you in the website may be examined by Innoget, including the contents of your messages, even if designated as “private” by the user, for the purpose of safeguarding the security and adequate use of the website, as well as avoiding fraud, if any, when there are signs that this could be happening.

According to the rules and regulations currently governing the Protection of Personal Data and Information Society Services, Innoget informs that the data furnished by you will be included in a file under Innoget’s responsibility, for the purpose of:

a) Providing you with good website access and browsing service.

b) Giving and offering you Innoget services.

c) Putting you in contact with Innoget service and contents participants (Tech Seekers and Tech Sellers).

d) Also furnishing you with commercial and promotional information directly and/or indirectly related to innovation sector and I+D+i products and/or services, mainly by electronic means (telephone, e-mail and internet), but also by any other means.

You may at any time exercise your rights to access, cancel, rectify or object by writing to Innoget’s Legal Department located at Av. Cerdanyola, 79 - 81, 2º1ª 08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) Spain.

The user, having been informed for the purposes of Articles 11 and 27 of Organic Law No. 15/1999 dated December 13, 1999 (LOPD), expressly accepts that all data furnished may be assigned to other website participants (mainly, but not limited to, Tech Seekers and Tech Sellers), for the rendering of Innoget services and for the purpose of developing the business model for exchanging ideas that Innoget proposes, in which you would like to participate and from which you would like to benefit.

Furthermore, the user, for the purposes of Articles 33 and 34 of the LOPD, expressly allows its data to be transferred to third party countries, even when such countries fail to provide a degree of protection as good as that provided by the above-mentioned Law.

If in doubt about this Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact Innoget through its website or by e-mail to

These General Terms and Conditions will come into effect as of February, 15th 2009.