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Collaboration in joint research and development is thriving innovation and new product development in the areas of energy storage and energy transport, renewable energy, energy efficiency, green energy innovation, energy conservation and energy storage. Solar energy, and, geothermal energy and wind energy are such few examples of energy sources where the industry foscuses their efforts and resources towards the develop new products and innovative technologies. The new Open Innovation trend based on connecting the crowd is helping the industry to deliver innovative solutions faster to meet new market demand and transform their businesses into the new era of digital technology. Keep sourcing below among tech calls posted by trusted industry partners and directly reply them to gain new research funding and business development opportunities in the field of energy efficiency, energy storage, energy conservation and renewable energy.

Juli Ramon posted this Technology Call
Account Manager at GCCIR

As a participant of the upcoming symposium “GCCIR Matchmaking Symposium” organized by the GCCIR and Innoget next 19 November 2018 in Barcelona (Spain), the company Baseband Technologies Inc. is seeking for European partners to meet at the Barcelona event to develop a joint R&D project. Baseband Technologies is the leading software-based low power GPS receiver research house. While Baseband Technologies’ core strength has been in advanced GPS algorithmic research and development, the company is currently working to combine blockchain and GPS technologies for the next generation location-based applications. Using Baseband Technologies’ receiver technologies, location-based products can obtain rapid GPS position fixes using extremely low power. The same ultra-low power technology is ideally suited for Wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) products that find standard GPS chipsets too power hungry. Ahead of the GCCIR Matchmaking Symposium, Baseband Technologies is looking for multiple partners to spearhead the development of an elegant blockchain architecture and then integrating the company’s technology into different use cases. Baseband’s ultimate goal is to offer token sales in the form of an ICO in the near future which will likely be held in the EU due to its friendlier regulations. In case you are interested in meeting Baseband Technologies Inc. at the Barcelona event to discuss a potential collaboration, please register for free to the symposium through the orange button provided above.
Seeking European partners to spearhead the development of a blockchain architecture to be integrated with the company’s existing GPS technology