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Agriculture and Marine resources have been the main sources to build on a healthy society. Research and innovation focus in the areas of agriculture, horticulture, pesticides, aquaculture and alike bring new developments and innovative products and technologies into market. New technologies developed in husbandry science and fisheries sciences are essential for sustainability and global market supply. Tech calls and research funding opportunities in Agriculture and Marine resources are open to experts in these fields

Haier posted this Technology Call

Nowadays, consumers are more and more concerned about food safety and health. Food even stored properly may still grow bacteria with time goes on. So now we are seeking for technologies or solutions that can detect the total microbial counts in a closed space that can be integrated with refrigerator. The module shall be small in size and have a relatively long lifetime, as the lifetime of a refrigerator is 8-10 years. Currently, we do not set specific requirement for the detection accuracy. It would be accepted as long as it could detect and tell the total bacteria counts. Haier prefers to work with partners that have existing technologies or approaches that can be applied to this specific application. Collaboration can involve technology licensing, product sourcing, proof of concept leading to joint development agreements and assistance with scale-up to manufacturing. Preference will be given to technologies or approaches that currently have working prototypes that can undergo feasibility, validation or proof of concept over a 3-6 month period. Financial support for the proof of concept phase will be negotiated based on specific performance targets agreed between both parties. For selected collaborators Haier may provide access to samples, test equipment and testing facilities. Technologies will need to satisfy manufacturability, material cost and ease of use assessments to progress from the concept stage.
Seeking for bacteria detection method used in closed space