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Summary of the technology

Individual, 3D printed orthoses and prostheses. This is not a thing of the future. This is happening right now. Do you want to know how you can actively use digital technologies for yourself and your work life? Then you have found exactly the right partner - Mecuris.

We enrich wearers´ lives thanks to digitalisation and 3D printing
We develop, together with the orthopaedic technician and the wearer, tailor-made orthoses and prostheses. Using the Mecuris Solution Platform, these can be easily and intuitively adapted to the patient's specific needs and design wishes prior to them being manufactured using 3D printing: The best thing is, you do not need any previous technical knowledge. We make our expertise available to you.

EIT Digital

Mecuris stands for User orientation – Fightest qualtiy – Co-Creation

Mecuris moves orthopaedic care into the digital world by bringing together 3D technologies into one intuitive solution platform. Physicians and orthopaedic technicians are thus empowered to 3D-print patient-specific prostheses & orthoses without prior 3D design or 3D printing know-how.

The possibilities for additive prostheses and orthoses are far from exhausted. In fact, we are at the beginning of a great upheaval. It is important for us to pay close attention to the requirements of orthopaedic technology and to provide you with the best possible products or components so that you can take advantage of this development. In this area, we want to be a valuable partner and have therefore firmly anchored it in our mission, the overriding vision and in the values that we fly by as our mission statement.

Mercuris Solution Platform

Our core product is the Mecuris Solution Platform (MSP), a digital solution platform. This platform is made available to orthopaedic clinics and medical supply stores. It enables certified orthopaedic technicians to create and customise unique orthotic and prosthetic products together with their patients in just a few minutes. This results in products that are convincing in function and appearance.

This "digital workshop" is constantly being filled with new "tools" to meet the requirements of orthopaedic technicians, users and individual products even better.

About Us

With an interdisciplinary team of six founders, the starting team is broadly based and brings in expertise in every area. By now, Mecuris employs around 30 people from all over the world who work together on the development of an automation solution for individual orthopaedic care.

Our history

Mecuris was founded in 2016 as a spin-off of the Ludwig-Maximilian University Hospital in Munich. The idea behind Mecuris originated from two different research projects: at the Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart, Jannis Breuninger did research on additive prostheses and prosthetic feet. Dr. Simon Weidert, on the other hand, worked on 3D printing orthoses at the University Hospital of Munich. Both projects aimed to individualize and digitize the creation of orthopedic aids to save time, provide high quality to be reimbursable and, above all, as a real enrichment for each user's life.

Start with prosthetic feet

We managed to bring products to market maturity in the area of prosthetic feet in particular: in 2017 we were able to launch the world's first 3D-printed prosthetic feet, the NexStep for adults and the FirStep for children. The NexStep is even the first additive-manufactured prosthetic foot with CE marking.

In 2017 the portfolio was expanded with prosthesis covers. Cosmetics for transtibial amputees form the basis for this, and other products, such as the flexible ankle cover, were launched in 2018.

First product in the orthoses sector

In the field of orthoses, numerous prototypes and test fittings have already been developed. In 2019 Mecuris started in the first quarter with the time-optimised production of individual orthotic formwork. These form the basis for patient-specific orthoses, which are finalised in the orthopaedic workshop.

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