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Laijo Jose posted this:
Manager-Tech Transfer at Centre For Future (CFF)

An advanced and cost effective bioresorbable, biocompatible polymer composite for bone soft tissue fixation has been developed, and their use in preparing different orthopedic devices that serves the purpose of fixation of soft tissue injuries and low-load bearing bone fractures. The use of the given bioresorbable polymer composite in orthopedic devices is an attempt to replace the traditional metallic implants and making it accessible to masses at affordable prices, and therefore overcome the limitations of currently available bioresorbable orthopedic devices in the market. The technology produces a novel bioresorbable, biocompatible polymer composite for bone soft tissue fixation. The polymer composite biomaterial is composed of bioresorbable polymer such as poly-ε-caprolactone (PCL), natural fiber silk fibroin and an osteoconductive component like Magnesium oxide (MgO) in nanoparticle form and it can be used to prepare different orthopedic devices. The silk fiber of 20% and MgO nanoparticles in concentration of 10% were mixed together with PCL as base polymer in twin-screw extruder to produce composite orthopedic biomaterial. The newly developed bone screw is having a design with screw head shape, thread-tip design, thread profile and volume. It is found that millions of screws are being used for bone or soft-tissue fixations per year and the need of such fixations devices in world orthopedic market is ever-growing. The cost effective bioresorbable composite device thus made is also having wider clinical applications with its higher bioactivity (biomineralization), biocompatibility, infection resistivity and proper bone remodeling properties.

Ranjit Guru posted this:
Chief Technology Officer at Delta Foams Radical Technology Solutions

This is a Lumbar spine support with a difference. It can give you instant relief (from most back pains) and can actually "prevent" backpains. Springback can further offer you lasting value, well over 15 to 20 years of actual use. "Springback" has been endorsed by over 75 Orthopaedic Surgeons, Doctors, Gynaecologists, & Physicians. It has been manufactured in India, by Delta Foams Engg Co situated at Pune. Some of the testimonials have been reproduced there. Springback is a lumbar support with a difference. It is the only product in the world, I find that works at the "preventive" level of the ailment. The minute you sit against it, you will feel enormous relief and this spine support now makes you sit up, chest out, thus releasing enormous stress from your spine. This postural correction makes you breathe deeper, fuller, and thus enables more Oxygen-rich blood to reach your brain, thus keeping you alert, and prevents you from getting drowsy. This thus results in more attention span at and during work routines, in the office, or driving, or watching TV or meditation etc. Thus improving your concentration more than 50 % easily. This is huge as a productivity booster and actually reduces absenteeism at work for silly back pain related issues. Back pain is easily the number one ache nowadays. More than 80 % of any workforce suffers from this and there is no end in sight. Springback suits both men and women, esp pregnant mothers to be, where doctors cannot prescribe pain killers to alleviate pregnancy-related backpains, due to it being a risk for the fetus, and prescribe complete res, rest against Springback, the no-sweat way to overcome backpains.
Orthopaedic Lumbar Back Support that can give you