Innoget Covid-19 Open Innovation Initiative

Innoget is the leading open innovation network for technology transfer and technology scouting. We are fully committed to contributing to mobilizing scientific and expert communities to develop real solutions to the challenges of the Covid-19 outbreak and related infection diseases.

About the initiative

Ahead of the global Covid-19 outbreak, Innoget is leading the new established Innoget Covid-19 Open Innovation Initiative, aimed at supporting innovators worldwide in bringing forward innovative ideas to address some of the biggest challenges and issues of the
Covid-19 pandemic.

Innoget, in collaboration with the supporters and contributors of the initiative, is allocating the funds raised to mobilize scientific and expert communities to discover, share and develop innovative solutions with the main goal to stop the spread of Covid-19 and accelerate novel developments.

Once you log into Innoget’s Covid-19 Group you will have access to a fast-growing stack of innovation needs, technology offers, patents, papers, news and professionals related to stopping Covid-19. You will be able to list your own knowledge assets, request resources and collaborate with others in making an impact.

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Covid-19 Grand Challenges

Innoget is committed to working in partnership with the research and innovation community to develop novel solutions to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Individuals or teams are asked to submit innovative solutions to the Grand Challenge by the deadline to be defined. The Grand Challenge will be defined by Innoget alogn with the supporters of the initiative -industry partners, research organizations, and other stakeholders-.

The Grand Challenge will be listed on this section upon its launch. Topics to be addressed include, but are not limited to rapid diagnostic kits, rapid deployable mechanical ventilators, protection equipment for healthcare professionals, prevention and treatment of the Covid-19.

We are constantly defining the Grand Challenges. Join Innoget to be notified when they launch.

Topics under eveluation:

  • Novel methods for individual hygiene improvement
  • Development of low-cost rapid diagnostics
  • Analyzis of data for decision making
  • Toots that support and protect health workers
  • Rapid deployable ventilators

Solutions submitted will be evaluated by Innoget and the selected supporters of the initiative, following these evaluation criteria:

  • Clarity Is the challenge or issue clearly identified and the solution clearly defined? Are the rationale and objectives clearly stated?
  • Design Is the design of the solution well thought out? Are all aspects of the program outlined in the proposal?
  • Impact and Outcome What is the potential impact and how will it be measured? We will prioritize solutions with immediate impact to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Feasibility and Applicability Can the solution be developed and implemented in time to address current challenges and issues of the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • Innovativeness How innovative and novel is the solution?

Solutions selected by the panel of cross-sector evaluators will be funded with a total amount yet to be defined.

Upon publication of the Grand Challenge on this section, all individuals or teams will be able to submit their proposals through using the application form available. Submitted proposals will be directly received by Innoget for further evaluation.

Support the program

Innoget is looking for sponsors and contributors to help fund the Covid-19 Open Innovation Challange. All funding received is meant to be used for the definition, launch and development of the program.

The program is a non-profit initiative launched by Innoget. Innoget is providing technical resources to design, develop, maintain and manage the platform itself and the community around it.