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Physical Sciences, Exact Science but above all Nanotechnology is relied upon to be one of the technology areas with the highest research funding level in the sectors of physical sciences, exact sciences, chemistry, opctics and many other physical sciences applications and exact sciences. A large portion of the top ranking research organizations and innovation centers are investing resurces in the research and development of novel technologies in order to develop the next generation of technology solutions in the areas of physics, climatology or acoustic engineering. Find below the list of Technology Offers and already published innovations in nanotechnology, modelling, physical sciences and exact sciences.

Cracow University of Technology posted this:

A comprehensive method to assess the technical condition of the pressure equipment of installation operated in the chemical and petrochemical industry, with the use of acoustic emission signal analysis, structure stress field and the degradation st The algorithm for the assessment of the technical condition of pressure equipment of chemical and petrochemical installations, subjected to the long-term operation, allows to determine the damage degree of the material and allows to predict the further development of degradation processes in a function of time. The proposed approach to the problem of safe operation of devices is fundamentally different from the solutions which are currently used in industrial practice. Currently, the supervision of these objects is based mainly on standard non-destructive testing methods. The main limitation of used methods is the lack of the possibility of both examining the object in its entire volume and testing the device in working conditions. Developed algorithm allows to effectively solve current problems in the diagnosis of chemical installations related to the assessment of their technical condition and determination of the conditions for further operation in real time. The algorithm is particularly recommended for monitoring devices in which adverse damages occur due to the long-term operation.