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As of late, innovation exchange has become as one of the key resources for Technology industry development. Because of Open Science, Open Innovation and Technology Transfer, cooperation in innovative projects and research between outer groups of specialists, for instance, Academia, research centers, startups and researchers is driving innovation and new product development in the sectors of Elearning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Data Mining, Robotics and Cryptography. This innovative trends based on associating the group is helping businesses and organisations to convey novel answers to meet new market demand and adapt their organisations into the new times of advanced innovation and, in addition, it is encouraging new business visionaries to launch fast growing business models.

Michael Burlakov posted this:
Scientist at Private person

Now, we have with you the all chances to create a unique company for implementing worldwide of a new science-intensive technology with many applications (see below). I invite you to participate in realization of this ambitious project in any capacity. Agree that far from often appears a new production company, when at the time of its creation becomes clear that it has all chances to become a world leader in its future activity. This is possible, obviously, only in the case that the basis for the activities of such a company will be the unique science-intensive know-how, the implementation package of which already exists. This is the case here for your consideration. The author of this letter (further - the author) recently completed his years-long work on the information-software package of materials (ISPM) on implementing a new science-intensive network technology with many applications called "Information technology of automation of control of discrete technological and information processes (IT AC DTIP)", the founder of which he is. With the presentation of both the technology itself and the ISPM for its implementation, you can familiarize here: . More detailed information on this project you can learn from two English-Russian sites of the author:"Promotion Center of IT AC DTIP" ( and "Implementation Center of IT AC DTIP" ( I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this ISPM includes 11 multilingual optimizing software tools in the ordinary and network performances that allow to provide international network outsourcing services on optimal controlling the discrete processes for many purposes. So, for practical implementation of this technology, there are not required at all the financial investments for working out necessary for this means, since the latter ones already exist.
Information technology of automation of control of discrete technological and information processes (IT AC DTIP)