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Open Science has developed as one of the key assets for Industry and economic growth. Thanks to Open Innovation marketplaces, collaboration in research and development between the industry and external communities of experts such as Universities, research organizations, Startups and scientists is thriving innovation and new product development in the areas of Gene Segmentation, Medical devices, Cancer treatment, Cosmetics, Skin Care, Oncology, biotechnology and e-Health. Innoget the largest open innovation network for collaboration in r&d and Innovation offers you a unique way to directly interact with organizations, scientists, experts, startups, research organizations and professionals in the filed of biological sciences, Following you will find a full list of innovative technologies related to Biological Sciences, requesting for information for any of the technologies listed below may help you improve your business activities and research projects related to Biological Sciences

RAMOT at Tel Aviv University Ltd. posted this:

Our team, including zoologists, statisticians, and computer scientists have developed a new hi-res bioassay for preclinical testing and characterization of CNS agents, extracting key animal-centered parameters of behavior via computerized tracking and measurement of free exploration. The features that distinguish our system and method from other existing systems and methods are: elaborate data preparation for analysis and a methodology that secures replicability of results across laboratories, and exposes active management of kinematic variables. Our measured parameters are carefully designed, animal-centered building blocks of behavior. They are selected on the basis of an in-depth understanding of the mouse’s functional world. These quite unexpected and unusual parameters reflect the animal’s cognitive and emotional state and its information processing capacity; therefore they are most prone to be affected by drugs that act on respective CNS structures that mediate these states. Unlike all other existing systems we expose and quantify the rich and highly organized developmental dynamics of self regulated behavioral growth. The dynamics of this process before and after genetic manipulation and/or pharmacological treatment can now be readily measured by our system, articulating the effects of potential CNS drugs on behavioral growth and decay processes. Project ID : 2-2009-11

RAMOT at Tel Aviv University Ltd. posted this:

Stem cells (SC) are considered crucial building blocks for any regenerative strategy. Adult oral mucosa (OM) is a unique source for generating adult pluripotent stem cell (OPSC) populations. This uniqueness consists in the fact that 95% of the OM whole populations in culture (1st – 8th passages) express markers of embryonic and mesenchymal SC. Thus, in contradistinction to known sources which comprise very low numbers of SC, OPSC generation for clinical use is simple and cost effective and does not require cumbersome cost-consuming purification steps. The general objective is to lay the foundation for the development of a variety of products based on the pluripotency and simple and cost effective generation of billions of OPSC. The major aim of the proposed project is to develop a product for the treatment of ischemic heart failure (IHF). This product which will serve as a proof of concept was selected based on medicals needs, market cap and time to market. The specific aims of the proposal are: 1. To develop a cardiac product aimed at treating ischemic heart failure (IHF). The aim is to test the safety and therapeutic effect of OPSC on experimental IHF in a minipig model. 2. To strengthen the intellectual property by fully characterizing the profile of OPSC. The prevalence of IHF continuously increases (1 million new cases every year in the western world) and currently the market cap is estimated in the range of billions. Project ID : 10-2011-260