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Universitat de Girona posted this:

The main innovation aspects in ViTAM are the following: - Simple and usable user interfaces. User interfaces are asymmetrical, differing from the patient and the professional. While the patient’s interface is extremely simplified, the professional’s side keeps a slightly higher complexity to keep control of the videoconferencing. This approach facilitates at most the use of technology by non-experts. - Specially designed for medical and social consultations. It implements two innovative operation modes not available in the market: the online consultation with waiting room and the videoconferencing call centre (coming soon). - Multiplatform and Multidevice. It is multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) and multidevice (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone). - Easy integration. It can be easily integrated in or with other applications, as well as connect with external services (e.g. electronic health record, calendar). - Customisation. It can be customised not only in terms of graphical user interface but also in the workflow so as to implement new personalised videoconferencing scenarios. - Single and multiple videoconferencing. It offers 1 to 1 videoconferencing and multivideoconferencing in a single and unified interface. - Privacy. It ensures privacy protection by providing communications and data protection and enables its deployment on certified medical data management servers. - Sensors. It can be implemented as a background application running on the device, which can receive incoming connection requests, which can be useful when linked to sensors data alarms (e.g. blood pressure).