Peter Mogyorosi

CEO at Laser Consult Ltd.

Hungary · SzegedJoined November -0001


LC Innoconsult International Ltd. was established in 1992 with the objective of accompanying its clients from the innovational idea all the way to selling the intellectual product by providing complex innovational services.

Our mission, through our services, is to promote the utilisation of intellectual products, create a business value from innovative solutions, promote the co-operation of places of research and enterprises and the development of Hungarian higher education through the professional support of innovational activities. The foundation of the successful operation of the company is our fundamental philosophy, in which we lay a significant emphasis on establishing a relationship of confidence and developing a long-term successful co-operation with our clients.

Research areas of interest (125)

  • Electronics, Microelectronics
  • Computer Software Technology
  • Remote Control
  • Environmental and Biometrics Sensors, Actuators
  • Applications for Health
  • and 120 more

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Vision Dynamix is a hi-tech spin off company formed in 2016 on UKIM - FEIT with a purpose of developing a system for 3D mapping with high precision in real time. Formed based on a project for the master thesis of Dushko Murtovski MSc. Using a single camera he developed a drone based system for S[…]

BAT is an autonomous data driven forecasting platform for energy and utilities. This platform will provide utility companies machine learning models which improve efficiency in energy distribution and usage. It also increases the efficiency of the power generation equipment by quickly discovering an[…]

TECHNOLOGY/PRODUCT OVERVIEW "Additive composition for the production of lightweight concrete containing polystyrene beads, a method for producing the composition, and its application” is a brand new innovation that is a response to the need for environmentally conscious, cost-effective, and technol[…]

Fuel additive is very useful to all vehicles with petrol and diesel engines as it reduces hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and particulate emission factor. Bio-organic fuel additives are compounds prepared to get better worth and competence of the fuels used in motor vehicles and continu[…]

Explosive cladding is a solid state process in which controlled explosive detonations force two or more metals together at high pressures, resulting a high quality metallurgical bond between the colliding surfaces. The bonding zone of the two metals has a characteristic wave-form.[…]

Our partner, a Hungarian company developed a patented technology that provides a solution for transforming municipal sewage sludge into solid fuel (Solid Recovered Fuel - SRF), which also enables sewage plants to achieve significant cost savings.[…]

Torqway Hybrid is a manual propelled vehicle with electrical engines support. Patented mechanism propels wheels forward no matter if the lever is pulled or pushed. Standing position gives an opportunity to use most of the torso muscles to keep the balance. Direction is change using users heels which[…]

A Hungarian company is offering a unique battery pack with an in house developed Battery Management System to act as a power supply and storage for small communities and renewable energy production. The company is looking for potential partners interested in purchasing or distributing the system. In[…]

A Hungarian company developed a unique heat-reflective coating to improve thermal insulation and thermal comfort. The coating provides even heat distribution, lessens moist condensation and mould growth (creates healthier environment). The company is interested in finding partners to distribute the […]

WPGear is based on a mature, well-known, and widespread tooth geometry. It is a unique gear system that can be directly integrated into an electric motor and is capable of replacing frequency converters for some applications. The mechanical performance of the WPG in terms of the gear ratio and power[…]

A Hungarian company developed a tick removing spoon, now available in pharmacies, veterinary pharmacies and petrol stations, which can remove the adult blood-sucked tick from the human and animal skin without squeezing the tick’s body. The company is looking for potential partners interested in purc[…]

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