Electronic Signature Technology Offers

Fundació URV posted this:

The use of Information Technologies (IT) in the day-by-day operations is growing dramatically. Nowadays, it is possible to perform a lot of actions at home and there are not temporal restrictions. The electronic tickets are an example, we can buy a transport ticket or a movie ticket. In this sense, the smart-phones are a key element because users can buy the e-ticket from any place and can carry tickets while they are moving, and validate them in order to get access to the service. Moreover, the e-ticketing systems must offer the same properties of the paper tickets, i.e. they must be secure, anonymous and transferable. Our system provides a secure method that is anonymous and that allows the ticket transferability between users. We are interested in licensing our method. The e-ticketing system proposed can be used in differents services, so that service providers can adapt the system in order to meet their requirements. The system provides to the users the same properties of some of the paper tickets. The tickets are anonymous and users can transfer them to other users without the interaction of the ticket issuer or the provider. The privacy for the users must be seriously taken into account. The acceptance of a system that could control all the movements of a determined user could lead to a privacy threat. Thus, the users could be reluctant to use a system without the proper privacy protection. Moreover, each user could send her ticket and grant permission to another user. Nonetheless, if one user does some fraud the anonymity can be revoked and the user is identified. The system can be deployed in the cloud for the service providers. The users can use their smart-phones to obtain, use or transfer the e-tickets.