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Universidad de Alicante posted this:

Researchers at the University of Alicante have devised a system to partially absorb the energy generated in a crash involving at least one motor vehicle traveling at a high or medium speed. It is a passive protection system for vehicles which absorbs the maximum amount of mechanical energy in a crash with minimal added weight and volume. Assumes additional protection that enhances the vehicle's passive safety, minimizing the consequences of a collision for the passengers. The system has an innovative design that allows placing it in different positions inside the vehicle or making structural parts and is manufactured with advanced materials. Innovative aspects The system is designed to provide protection that goes beyond the current regulations for passenger cars, as it is able to absorb a larger proportion of the mechanical energy generated in a collision. Also improve the passive safety of vehicles (vans, trucks) or special vehicles (ambulances, fire trucks, armored vehicles) in circulation. It also provides substantial improvements for heavy duty vehicles, contrary to what is happening now should be able to absorb themselves much of the energy produced in a collision with a vehicle lighter, thereby minimizing the potential damage that may occur in people who travel light vehicle. The system consists in several stages which act consecutively on impact, absorbing energy in a gradual and proportional to the energy generated in the collision, which is a lower acceleration on passengers, thereby reducing the potential injuries. Less weight, volume and system size compared to traditional structural systems, through the use of advanced materials: tensile filaments that act in case of collision, thermosets broken links which act by absorbing the impact energy generated in the fiber and combined with high strength composite metal / polymer composite micro / nanostructures