UAV-mobile geophysical system for archaeological applications

Summary of the technology

Novosibirsk State University developed a UAV-mobile system for geophysical research. It uses a high-frequency and highly sensitive vector magnetometer, gamma-spectrometer, gas analyzer, as well as special software for data processing, which creates a high-precision description and visualization of the depth and morphology of the archaeological artifact with the size of up to tens of centimeters and less. Due to this, the costs of archaeological exploration are significantly, often more than 10 times lower than using conventional methods

Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Novosibirsk State University

Details of the Technology Offer

The innovation in UAV-mobile geophysical system for archaeological applications lies in the combination of highly efficient sensors and special software for processing the acquired data, which allows users to obtain a very detailed description and visualization of the artifact, which is unattainable for the current generation of UAVs:

Highly sensitive high-frequency vector magnetometric channel with a mass of ~0.6 kg. Sensitivity up to ±0.07 nT at frequencies up to 3000 Hz. Unlike GSMP-35 and similar devices, the sensitivity of the device stays the same at the maximum polling frequency; it also measures the vector of magnetic induction (GSMP-35 - its scalar value) and has no "blind spot".

Software for interpretation and visualization of geophysical measurement data, which allows calculating the depth and morphology of the magnetic anomaly using the information acquired from the magnetometer and other sensors of the system.

Ultra-light UAV with a low level of magnetic noise, allowing to reduce the length of the magnetometer suspension cable for up to 3 m (competitors' systems - up to 15 m), which improves the quality of measurements and maneuverability of the system on system terrain (mountains, taiga, jungle).

High-precision gas analyzer (methane, 1 - 1000 ppm).

Lightweight gamma - spectrometer (0.05 - 3 MeV).

Due to the high sensitivity of the magnetometric channel, which allows to detect even small objects under the ground, the system can be used to search for artefacts, sites of ancient people (bonfires are weakly magnetic and easily detected by a magnetometer), as well as destroyed mounds, burial grounds and hills, ancient roads and buildings.

A case showing results of a search of archaeological artifacts represented by burial hills in Altai region of Russia is attached in PDF file.

Intellectual property status

Other forms of protection

The main technical solutions are protected as a trade secret.

Current development status


Magnetometric channel - TRL 7 Data interpretation and visualization software - TRL 4 DRONE - TRL 7 Gas analyzer - TRL 6 Gamma spectrometer - TRL 5 The system has been field-tested at various archaeological sites in Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk Regions and Republic of Altai.

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