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Yissum - Research Development Company of the Hebrew University posted this:

Many of the antineoplastic tyrosine kinase inhibitors are associated with prominent and sometimes dose-limiting dermatologic complications. Of severe clinical implication are the specific EGFR inhibitors. Most patients treated with these drugs suffer from severe impairment to their quality of life and require reduction or interruption in the anti-cancer drug protocols. Treatment strategies today for treating skin toxicities from EGFR inhibitors show limited benefit and most patients require dose reductions or interruptions to the anti-cancer treatment protocols. Our proposal focuses on the development of a novel approach using formulation for treating skin toxicities caused by anti-neoplastic EGFR inhibitors by applying topical compounds that specifically and locally block the anti-cancer drugs. Our preliminary results have shown that blocking EGFR inhibitors binding to EGFR prevents keratinocyte death. We have identified small compounds that block EGFR inhibitors binding to its receptor and have developed topical slow release system that can deliver the target compounds to the hair follicle which is a major target for skin rash caused by EGFR inhibitors. Our novel approach will improve the quality of life of patients suffering from skin toxicity and help maintain an optimal anti-neoplastic dose thereby allowing more patients to receive full dose anti-cancer therapy and improve response to therapy Project ID : 6-2017-4450