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Optical Subsystem based Wavelength-Selective Cross-Connect

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Summary of the technology

This invention describes a wavelength-selective cross-connect (WSXC), an optical subsystem that switches lightwave communication channels on distinct wavelengths from any input fiber to any output fiber.
Project ID : 14-2008-2066

Description of the technology


A diffractive MEMS micromirror structure, capable of directing light towards one of multiple discrete tilt angles with efficiency approaching 100% is proposed as a replacement for reflective MEMS mirrors. By employing multiple, smaller mirror elements working in unison to diffract light as opposed to one larger mirror, faster switching rates can be achieved, at lower power, with less susceptibility to mirror curvature issues. All actuation is implemented below the mirror surface, with a large actuator plate pulling the mirrors in unison to guarantee uniform rotation of all the mirror elements. The diffractive MEMS mirror is compatible with simple surface micromachining fabrication processes, can be laid out in single and array layouts, and is highly applicable to optical fiber switching applications common in optical communication networks.


MEMS micromirror design to achieve diffraction efficiencies approaching 100% and minimizing crosstalk to less than -30 dB.

Demonstrate optical fiber switch tabletop prototype with use of diffractive MEMS micromirror with 2 dB insertion loss.

Project manager

Matt Zarek

Project researchers

Dan Marom
HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering
Applied Physics

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