Pressure gauge plunger for 3D printing platforms.

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Summary of the technology

Pressure measuring device for 3D printing platforms. This device is applicable to various fields using the extrusion of semi-solid masses (tissue bioprinting, food industry, pharmaceutical, ceramics). Its usefulness lies in the fact that it allows continuous control of the pressure applied throughout the printing process, thanks to the instrumentation of the plunger. In this way, quality can be improved and errors can be detected in situ and corrective actions can be applied during the process. By using a strain gauge, the pressure value exerted by the printing platform component on the plunger and, therefore, on the mass to be extruded is obtained. This continuous control makes it possible to characterize the semi-solid mass to be printed and to establish the most suitable printing parameters on the spot, thus making it possible to fully automate the process.

Details of the Technology Offer

Competitive Advantage:

  • It allows continuous rheological characterization of each of the masses used and, consequently, adjustment of the printing parameters before the start of printing.
  • It ensures the flow of the semi-solid mass through the nozzle of the syringe-type dispensing cylinder is constant and, therefore, the extruded volume is correct and, consequently, the dosage.
  • Using customized firmware of the printing platform, continuous process monitoring and in-process corrections can be performed.
  • It allows to detect possible printing errors, such as the existence of air inside the mass that produce errors in the flow (sudden decrease of the printing pressure) or solidification inside the nozzles (sudden increase of the printing pressure). With this, it is possible to discard those three-dimensional forms in which some of these errors have been registered, as well as to ensure the quality by design during the printing process of each dosage form of each batch produced.

Current development status

Laboratory prototypes

Desired business relationship

Patent licensing

Intellectual property status

  • Patent already applied for
  • Patent application number :P202031276

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  • 3D printing
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs
  • Technologies for the food industry
  • pills

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