TOrque Vectoring Electric Differential – TOVED

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Summary of the technology

Electric differential represents advancement in electric vehicles technology along with the more traction control and provides the required torque for each driving wheel, allowing different wheel speeds electronically. It is used in place of the mechanical differential in multi-drive systems.

Description of the technology

TOVED is a new type of electric differential for electric/hybrid vehicles that provides torque vectoring in a simple and easy meaner. In fact TOVED uses two axially electric motors but these motors have two simple independent rotors with permanent magnets acted by a single stator.

TOVED has the advantages of replacing loosely, heavy and inefficient mechanical transmission and mechanical differential with a more efficient, light and small electric motors directly coupled to the wheels using or not a single gear reduction.

TOVED takes advantages even compared with other electric differentials from the point of views of complexity and costs.

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Liviu Giurca

CEO at Hibridesign

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