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Improving the efficacy of autologous stem cell transplantation from adipose tissue in patients with Crohn's disease

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Summary of the technology

The invention relates to a method for obtaining stem cells with immunomodulatory properties derived from adipose tissue. The invention presents relevant applications in order to cure or improve Crohn's disease (EC) and the resulting complications such as perianal fistulas using cellular therapy.

Fundació URV

Description of the technology

Cellular therapy with mesenchymal stem cells as a promising clinical strategy for Crohn’s disease treatment has been described in the bibliography. However, adipose tissue is an important source of stem cells with several advantages over its bone marrow homologous. Use of Adipose Stem Cells (ASCs) is a promising therapeutic option for the Crohn’s disease treatment. The researchers have developed a method that allows the selection of those ASCs with the best immunomodulatory properties to improve the efficiency of cellular therapy in the context of Crohn’s disease. In this sense, the invention relates to the identification of a panel of biomarkers to identify and select the ASCs with the best immunomodulatory properties and the development of a method consisting of the treatment of ASC cells with anti-inflammatory molecules, which allows improving the immunomodulatory properties of them.


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