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Metal nanoparticles stabilized with carbosilane dendrons for the treatment of infectious diseases and cancer.

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Summary of the technology

The research group in “Dendrimers for biomedical applications” of the University of Alcalá, in collaboration with researchers form the Foundation for Biomedical Research of Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, present the first example of dendronization of metallic nanoparticles with dendritic systems of ionic carbosilane nature. Also the present invention relates to the method of obtaining these nanoparticles and the use of the mentioned compounds for the treatment of infectious diseases or cancer.
The researchers seek for collaboration agreements, licensing or commercial agreements with technical assistance, with companies or institutions from the biomedical sector.

Description of the technology

The present invention provides metal nanoparticles coated with dendrons of carbosilane structure which are functionalized at their periphery with anionic groups (such as carboxylate, sulfonate or sulfate), that give the macromolecule a negative net charge, or cationic (ammonium) that give the dendrimer a positive net charge. Preferably, the nanoparticles are made of gold and silver and the carbosilane dendrons have been functionalized by addition of thiol-ene.

The process of obtaining the NPs of the invention allows, by a simple process, the synthesis of cationic or anionic systems, and also the possibility of synthesizing heterofunctionalized NPs, that consists in introducing also some dendron with one or more of its branches substituted by different groups, such as chromophore groups.

In addition, the invention provides its uses in biomedicine, specifically in the treatment of infectious diseases or cancer. These include the use of cationic derivatives as non-viral transport agents for the transfection or internalization of nucleic material within different cell lines in gene therapy processes or also the use of these cationic or anionic compounds as therapeutic agents, for example, as antibacterial, antiviral or anti-prionic agents.

- Cationic compounds are used as antimicrobial agents. Thus, they can be used for the prevention and / or treatment of bacterial infections.

- And the anionic compounds have antiviral activity. Because of this, they can be used for the prevention and / or treatment of diseases of viral origin, such as AIDS, Herpes, Influenza or others.

- Taking into account the biocidal activity of the compounds of the invention, another aspect of the present invention relates to the use of these compounds as biocidal agents for non-therapeutic applications, such as, but not limited to, preventing the appearance of microorganisms on surfaces or in the processes of water treatment.

Intellectual property status

Patent already applied for

Patent requested in 2015 under reference P201500669 and PCT also requested PCT / ES2016 / 070642

Co-ownership of the patent: 70% University of Alcalá and 30% Foundation for Biomedical Research of Gregorio Marañón Hospital of Madrid.

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