Planting container facilitating the storing and planting of seeds, bulbs or tubers in difficult conditions.

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Summary of the technology

The proposed technology to solve the above mentioned technical issue is a container comprises a housing for receiving the seed (bulb or tuber), and a nutritive matrix promoting the first growth of the seedling.
The container comprises an activation means that allow putting in contact seeds and nutritive matrix.

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Details of the Technology Offer

Background:Normally, plants are raised in a nursery garden or in a greenhouse up to a desired size and then replanted to a habitat. However, until the plantlings have reached that desired size they usually require constant care and occupy a considerable space, usually in a building. Besides, the plantlings must also be handled with care on their way from nursery garden to the planting position, where usually a hole has to be dug, partially filled up with water.


The container provides several advantages for storing and plantling initial growth:

  • the seedling may germinate or start growing without contact to the environment.
  • the plant may start germinate in polluted areas in which the plant needs to reach a certain critical size to be viable in such conditions
  • the container may be used in areas with a very hard, dry, enrooted ground in which is is nearly impossible to entrench a plant
  • automatic upright standing for air-borne drop
  • long-term storage of seeds is possible in the device
  • nutrition matrix can be adapted
  • housing is penetrable by roots which allow plants to install in the ground by themselves


    Revegetation / reforestation of desert / polluted areas

    Airborne revegetation of inaccessible areas (mountain areas)

    Dispersion of specific plant populations (e.g. in case of need to increase the genetic diversity of species in specific areas)

    IP Status:

    Further IP information, links etc.

    Patent Lu91959 filed 16/3/2012

    Inventors : Thomas Schleeh and Jean-François Hausman

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Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

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