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Dual/Triple Sump pump controller with optional bluetooth or Wifi connectivity

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Summary of the technology

Dual sumpump controller with redundant level sensing and % level showing. Optional Bluetooth/ Wifi connectivity for mobile app or IOT.

One primary and one secondary back up pump, Automatic testing of back up pump when water level rise rate is slow. Pump start/stop will vary within programmed range and depending on water level rise to minimize start / stop cycles.

Option for third pump.



  • For sumps with up to two mains powered pump and one battery backed pump

Intellectual property status

Our own design. Tested for couple of years.

Current development status

Prototype installed and tested

Desired business relationship

Technology sale or OEM manufacturing.

Related keywords

  • Electronic engineering
  • Embedded Systems and Real Time Systems
  • Electronic circuits, components and equipment
  • Other consumer products
  • Robotics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Consumer Products

About Chicagoland Automation

Small and Medium Enterprise from United States

Electrical/Electronic/Software R&D company., started by experienced engineers,
Micro-controllers/ PLC based solutions.

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