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Liviu Giurca posted this:
CEO at Hibridesign

Dynamically charging Electrical Aircraft refers to power transfer between the charging infrastructure and the vehicle while the vehicle is moving. Plug-in systems have some inherent issues that hinder the wide adoption of electric aircraft EA. A major obstacle is the time needed to recharge the batteries. Typically, recharging lasts for several hours when using low voltage and amperage power outlets, which limits the usage of EA. Dynamic charging aims at alleviating some of these issues thus easing the path towards large-scale adoption of aerial electromobility. In principle, dynamic charging solution allows power to be continuously supplied to the vehicle from an external source, thus enabling a significant reduction of the on-board battery size and, at the same time, reducing virtually to zero the time the vehicle needs to stop for the recharging operations and the related range anxiety. The reduction in battery size allows a lighter vehicle to be realized in comparison to other EA. A reduction is therefore expected in terms of energy required for traction and related CO2 emissions. In addition, CO2 emissions related to the energy required for the production of the battery should also benefit from a reduction of the size of the on-board pack.
New Aerial Transport System – ATS  proposes implementing a new and innovative concept on dynamically charging electrical aircraft -EA aiming at reducing Greenhouse gases and other emissions affecting the society as a whole.