100% Organic Fuel Additive for petrol and diesel engines

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Summary of the technology

Fuel additive is very useful to all vehicles with petrol and diesel engines as it reduces hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and particulate emission factor. Bio-organic fuel additives are compounds prepared to get better worth and competence of the fuels used in motor vehicles and continues the performance of their engines. There are numerous benefits related with the use of fuel additives. One of the major advantages has engine performance. Engine maintenance is an additional common gain cited by the supporters of fuel additives and these types of products; the focus is on preventing the build-up carbon deposits in diverse areas of the engine.

Laser Consult Ltd.
Laser Consult Ltd.
Laser Consult Ltd.

Details of the Technology Offer

The invention relates to chemical free fuel additive extracted from plants/shrubs. The Hydrogen and carbon are separated by this fuel additive leading to complete combustion of the fuel. It reduces the air pollution by 60% converting the unburned gases to combustible gases, thus drastically eliminating the carbon soot emission smoke and reduces emission of Carbon, Nitrogen and Lead Oxides. It further gives extra mileage up to 30%. This additive is very useful in power generating engines, automobiles operated on petrol, diesel or kerosene. It also increases the life of engine as it reduces the load, less heat in radiator, eliminate vibration in engine, smoothen engine function, cleans injection and combustion, clean the complete tank, reduces noise pollution (~ 30% to 40%) and low carbon deposit.

In the present technology the diesel or biodiesel is mixed with methanol in the ratio of 75:25 and allowed for one hour for complete mixing. Then subjected to distillation process where the mixer is heated up to 200 C and collected with help of vacuum pump. The first 20% of the liquid is collected in the receiver flask which is the enzyme or fuel additive.


Our fuel additive 100% plant oil. The use either Algae oil (Origin Canada) or Palm oil extract (Origin Malaysia). We can use any oil from the above and other one oil (which may be disclosed at the time of business closer) 1 litre of fuel additive costs $65. (Which was $260 earlier) When the cost of per litre fuel additive is $65, we can use this additive with 20,000 litres of petrol or diesel, so the cost of additive 15 cents which can be used 1 litre petrol. Some times the cost may vary 15 to 25 cents. The emission of hydro Carbon and Carbon-monoxide is all most 0%. This additive gives more than 25% effective usage for fuel engines. The main advantages of the additive are:

  1. Reduce Noise level of engine
  2. Removes the carbon deposit
  3. Increase the mileage up to 10%, in old engine this gives 30 to 40 % extra mileage.
  4. Reduce the vibration etc.


  • Increase the engine power.
  • Increase the life of the engine oil
  • Reduce the maintenance cost on the vehicle
  • Increase the pickup of the engine.
  • Increase the Octane power of the fuel
  • Cleans the fuel tank
  • Cleans the spark plug.
  • Cleans inside the engine.
  • Remove the carbon deposit
  • Cleans exhaust pipes
  • Increase the mileage from 10 to 40 percentage according to the age of engine
  • Reduces smoke so it’s pollution free.
  • Reduces the out coming of ‘CO’ from the flue gas.
  • Reduces the outcoming of sulphur (SOx)
  • Reduces the outcoming of unburned hydrocarbons.
  • Reduces the outcoming of unburned flue gas.
  • Reduces the noise level of engine
  • Reduce the vibration of the engine.
  • It gives a smooth ride
  • This oil takes care of bike, car, bus and lorry’s engine system totally.
  • Eliminate all deposits in fuel tank, engine and spark plug.
  • Remove the impurities found in the fuels
  • Vanishes the carbon deposits.
  • Improves quick combustion engine

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