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Summary of the technology

Durable, Non-Toxic Antibacterial Coating
Project ID : 26-2015-3145

Yissum - Research Development Company of the Hebrew University

Description of the technology

Company Profile

NanoAF develops, manufactures and sells coatings which prevent bacterial adhesion to surfaces. This groundbreaking technology allows manufacturers of medical devices, water solutions, and food packaging to prevent bacterial colonization on various products.

NanoAF Coating

  • Prevents biofilm
  • Can be applied on all surfaces (glass, titanium, silicon oxide, metals and polymers)
  • Self-assemble to a monolayer coating on any target surface
  • Easy to synthesize
  • Non toxic
  • Non biocidal

Project manager

Matt Zarek

Project researchers

Meital Reches
HUJI, Faculty of Science
The Institute of Chemistry

Related keywords

  • Agrofood Industry
  • Food Packaging / Handling
  • Protecting Man and Environment
  • Waste Management
  • Water Management
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Socio-economic development models, economic aspects
  • Medical equipment
  • Medical instruments
  • Other (uncategorised)
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Chemistry & Materials

About Yissum - Research Development Company of the Hebrew University

Technology Transfer Office from Israel

Yissum Research Development Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Ltd. Founded in 1964 to protect and commercialize the Hebrew University’s intellectual property. Ranked among the top technology transfer companies, Yissum has registered over 8,900 patents covering 2,500 inventions; has licensed out 800 technologies and has spun-off 90 companies. Products that are based on Hebrew University technologies and were commercialized by Yissum generate today over $2 Billion in annual sales.

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