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Summary of the technology

TwiSCo is a Digital Twin solution demonstrator whose purpose is to promote the sharing of data on construction products in order to finally have complete, accurate and reliable data on a built asset and thus be able to better manage its construction, maintenance and end of life, and to reduce the gap between designed and as-built performance of future constructions.
To this aim, TwiSCo offers value-added services which, by enabling players of the construction supply chain to optimize their practices, lead them to formalize and structure their data, and to share them with a win-win perspective.

Here are some examples of the gains that the construction supply chain can expect from the tool:
Development of new BIM use cases dedicated to the construction phase of buildings, using IFC data coming from BIM models in order to optimize material deliveries on construction sites;
Integration of product data from manufacturers (according to new ISO 23386 and 23387) using an ontology to ensure collaboration and efficient data exchanges; de facto, enrichment of as-built model;
Implementation of Just-in-Time logistics through a web platform where construction companies and their subcontractors can customize kits and define where they will be delivered and installed, how it should be packaged and when it should be delivered;
·Better control of delivery conditions through the integration of sensors data on site;
·Customization of delivery means and constraints for each project based on user defined business rules ;
·Improved monitoring of the construction site thanks to parcel tracking that enables to locate the place where a material is stored or installed;
·Multi criteria evaluation of current delivery scenarios and alerts on unmanaged constraints;
·Proposition of optimized delivery scenarios calculated by a genetic algorithm.

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Details of the Technology Offer


In construction projects, interdependencies between on- and off-site logistics often lead to error-prone processes, inefficiencies, and additional unforeseen costs. Both simulations and case studies show that increasing collaboration and data flows in the Construction Supply Chain can help tackling productivity losses, environmental impact, and lack of collaboration on site. Accordingly, LIST has implemented an innovative logistics model for construction based on material flows consolidation and Just-in-time principles. Pilot project demonstrated a potential 5% margin increase for construction companies, 66% reduction of deliveries on site and 50% reduction of resulting carbon emissions.

Such a collaborative logistics model leads to complex decision making which requires information from both upstream and downstream stakeholders. That's why LIST developed TwiSCo, a tool that optimizes construction logistics, thanks to a smoother information flow within the supply chain, relying on an accurate description of materials/components (what to deliver), exact delivery dates (when to deliver), delivery conditions (how to deliver on site) and a complete traceability of deliveries.



  • complements BIM tools by providing actual added value in execution phases and enabling to integrate product data in IFC format from suppliers;
  • complements construction planning software by (1) integrating functionalities for logistics management, (2) meeting the information needs of just-in-time logistics strategies and (3) paving the way for the migration of certain activities from on-site to off-site construction;
  • complement ERP software by providing optimized roundtrip based on actual construction site’s constraints (from one or several projects);
  • complements all above tools by enabling multi criteria decision regarding logistics, taking into account both environmental impacts and costs.
  • Applications: Current use cases:
  • §Optimisation of materials deliveries on construction sites for increasing productivity and decreasing environmental impacts;

    §Third Party Logistics and Construction Consolidation Centres;

    §Just-In-Time deliveries and kitting in Construction;

    §BIM application in execution phase.

    Potential new use cases:

    §Integrationof reverse logistics and waste management;

    §Integration of prefabrication.

  • Opportunity:

  • 1.Development of pilot projects for demonstration and integration of further user’s needs

    2.TRL increase towards of a commercial version

    3.Extension to reverse logistics

    4.Extension to prefabrication

Related Keywords

  • Building Automation Software
  • Construction Technology
  • Construction engineering (design, simulation)
  • Materials, components and systems for construction
  • Construction maintenance and monitoring methods & equipment
  • Construction methods and equipment
  • Applications software

About Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a mission-driven Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) active in the fields of materials, environment and IT.
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By transforming scientific knowledge into technologies, smart data and tools, LIST empowers citizens in their choices, public authorities in their decisions and businesses in their strategies.

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