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Improved materials for organic electronics applications

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Summary of the technology

At the University and Research Institute (Russia) power-saving and resource-saving methods of receiving and purification new organic semiconductor materials are developed. These materials can be used as active environments of devices of organic electronics – light-emitting diodes, transistors and the light-transistors with the improved performance characteristics. Developers look for partners for joint research projects, creation of industrial samples and search of technical applications.

Description of the technology

Electronic devices made on the base of organic semiconductor materials have found broad application in modern high-tech production of screens (for example, OLED displays for smartphones), devices of a light-indication and lighting (multi-colored OLED panels), solar batteries, sensors and transistors (for example, RFID tags, etc.). These technologies demand new materials with improved (or optimized) optical and electronic characteristics (spectra of absorption and fluorescence, electronic and charge-providing characteristics, solubility, chemical stability, etc.). The developed method includes synthesis, an operating time and purification of the materials, which possess various spectral characteristics. Such as, for example, high quantum exit of a photoluminescence both in thin films and in crystals (>50%), high indexes of carriers of charges` mobility (for example, with hole mobility > 0,1 cm^2 / In · c), high solubility in organic solvents (>1 g/l), high thermal stability, etc. Developers are interested in cooperation with partners for creation of prototypes of organic electronics` devices, search of abilities to integrate new materials with the advanced technical solutions in organic electronics, creation of installations` prototypes for production of semiconductor devices in methods of an inkjet or stencil process.

Innovative aspects of development consist in a new approach to molecular design of materials with the use of unique chemical "construction blocks". Various combinations allow to influence optical, electronic and physical characteristics of final materials effectively. The main advantages of a new method of molecular design are: ● The use of available and cheap chemical "construction blocks" and synthetic methods of "green chemistry" allows to receive these materials with more power-saving and resource-saving methods. ● The combination of an effective photoluminescence and charge-providing characteristics in the materials allows to use new materials in production of light-emitting transistor for a wide range of industrial applications. ● It is possible to create superthin, extralight and flexible materials for solar power, screens, sensors and other semiconductor devices on the basis of new materials.

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