Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Fingerprint Sensor: Laser Identity Verification

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Summary of the technology

What would happen if you don’t have fingerprints? Burns, ageing, solvents and a number of other conditions could remove your obvious external fingerprint. Our technology allows a sub-dermal scan of the finger using a laser to obtain a print even if there is superficial damage to the finger pad (we call this an internal finger print). This innovation will be particularly useful for crime scenes, as the laser scan can be carried out without disturbing the crime scene. Additionally, the laser is capable of identifying faked fingerprints.


Technology Field

Public administration and defence activities and security Health and social work

Business Opportunity

As this technology can identify both internal and external fingerprints, as safety, security and issues resulting from escalating crime become more and more prevalent, this technology has numerous sites of application. These include: 1) Forensic and crime related biometric identification 2) Banks and other organizations that require identity verification via biometric data 3) Security at department of home affairs, foreign travel, border security, and immigration control 4) Any site where fingerprint or restricted access is required such as mines, department of health, SAPS, department of defense, department of agriculture, repository sites and offices 5) Biomedical imaging.

Benefits & Advantages

The OCT is a fingerprinting device that is capable of acquiring both external and internal fingerprints, thus enhancing fingerprint acquisition and providing fake detection. It is useful in dealing with various problems which come with conventional fingerprints such as damaged fingerprints or cases where individuals are trying to falsify fingerprints. The OCT machine is also useful in instances where there is a crime scene. The device has the ability to extract latent fingerprints from a crime scene without interfering or tampering with the evidence.

Related Keywords

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