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Personalized, Adaptive Annotations of Texts

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Summary of the technology

* Reading texts of all sorts is an activity done by an enormous number of people, for professional, cultural and entertainment reasons.
Virtually all books and magazines that people read today are identical across different readers.

* I propose to print books on-demand, along with information personalized to the reader needs, using a personal reader profile built before the printing process.

* A good example where this would be very useful is when the text is written in a foreign language. This happens quite often, e.g. with professional textbooks, instructional material, and novels (think how many people who are not English speakers had read Harry Potter #6 in English because they couldn't wait six months until the translation!)

* In the case of reading in a foreign language, the personalized information printed could include translations of selected words (or expressions), and comments on cultural items (e.g., taken from an encyclopedia). The selections of words to translate will be based on a model of the reader's foreign language knowledge, created from a short test or from a more extensive interaction with the reader.

* One possible graphical layout would have the text in the center of the page, surrounded by the glosses in an attractive way.

* Word memorization hints could be added to the glosses. For example, we can use a small bar to show the pages in which a word appears, thus helping the reader decide how much effort to invest in learning that word (we could also do that for many books together, and for the word's general frequency in the language). We could point the reader to similar words in languages s/he knows.

* In the case of reading in your native language, the personalized information printed could include explanations or encyclopedic/web search entries on various terms or names that appear in the text.

* IP: I think that both the system and key algorithms (preparation of the graphical layout, modeling the reader's knowledge, memorization
hints) are patentable.

* Potential customers/partners:
-- Ideal for a company such as Amazon, whose contact with its customers is already interactive and who has a database of books in electronic form (suitable for digital printing. Amazon has recently acquired a digital printing company).
-- Ideal for Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, all of whom have large projects for digitizing libraries.
-- Ideal for the huge academic publishers such as Elsevier, who seek high adde
Project ID : 10-2006-705

Yissum - Research Development Company of the Hebrew University
  • Annotations may contain text, images, or audio materials
  • Addresses a variety of educational needs
  • Gloss is drawn from any available, appropriate resource such as dictionaries, translations, encyclopaedias, etc.
  • Facilitates comprehension of professional materials containing technical terminology
  • Ideal facilitator for foreign language development and learning disabilities
  • Can be presented as printed form or on screen in highlighted manner

Our Innovation

  • Annotated text facilitating comprehension
  • Gloss responds to the attributes of the text and a database of the reader’s personal proficiency profile using a variety of indices including data actively acquired
  • May be interwoven into core text, in margins of pages, or as separate text
  • Compatible for use with a computer, PDA, mobile phone display or gamer
  • Can be adapted for the sight challenged via large fonts, Braille, or playable audio file

Project manager

Anna Pellivert

Project researchers

Ari Rappoport
HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering
Computer Science

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