New agricultural fungicides, nematicides and arthropocides

Summary of the technology

Invention consisting of a method for identification of compounds with potential pesticidal activity against organisms containing chitin, the compound being an inhibitor of chitin deacetylase (CDA). The method comprises cheminformatics and experimental approximations that include molecular topology equations to examine the experimental chemical and analysis databases of the identified compounds to test their activities as pesticides. More specifically, the invention relates to the experimental analysis of a set of 20 compounds that were tested against various phytopathogenic fungi, insect larvae and a model nematode. The fungicidal, arthropocidal and / or nematicidal activities of said compounds were confirmed. The specificity of the selected compounds as CDA inhibitors was also verified. The method of the present invention is useful for identifying CDA inhibitors. Furthermore, the present invention also relates to the use of said compounds as fungicides, arthropocides and / or nematicides both in agriculture and in other fields of application.

Details of the Technology Offer

This invention allows the identification of new chemical compounds with potential to be used as fungicides in agriculture and also to be used for the control of harmful arthropods and pathogenic nematodes. Furthermore, they are compounds with a novel mechanism of action, that is, by inhibiting the enzyme chitin deacetylase, against which there should be no resistance, for example, in phytopathogenic fungi. These compounds not have a direct toxic effect, but rather allow the activation of the immune defense of the plant. On the contrary, against insect larvae and nematodes they do have a biocidal effect.

The present invention belongs fundamentally to the agricultural sector and more specifically to the agrochemical industries, since it provides potential plant protection tools against harmful phytopathogenic fungi, nematodes and arthropods. Another sector of interest could be animal and human health (veterinary and pharmaceutical industries), since nematicidal and arthropocidal preparations could be prepared from the compounds of the patent.

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