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A New E-Field Writable Magnetic Random Access Memory Based on Multiferroics

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Summary of the technology

Currently, magnetic random access memories (MRAMs) use a magnetic field to control corresponding magnetic states. Such systems are comparatively bulkier and are associated with high-power consumption. With ever changing life-style; the demand for faster, smaller and ultra-low power memory systems is significantly increasing. This approach allows for the development and use of a novel electric field (E-Field) controllable MRAMs based on multi-ferroics.

Description of the technology

Value Proposition

The E-Field MRAM:

•Is highly compact, light weight and faster as compared to conventional MRAMs.

•Involves the use of a strong magneto-electric coupling to enable electric field induced magnetic switching

•Allows for a high power efficient (ultra-low power) electric control of anisotropic magneto-resistance (AMR) and giant magneto-resistance (GMR) as compared to a magnetic control observed with conventional memory systems

•Would be commercially useful as new memory means for computers, cell phones, etc.

Intellectual Property status

Provisional Application 61/576,439

License status 

Available for license

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