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Modular educational wave kit: Plug and play 3D printable sine waves

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Summary of the technology

The plug and play 3D printable sine waves are a simple but effective teaching aid which helps the students to understand wave properties better. They get to try for themselves how wave properties like constructive and destructive interference work. Further they get to explore the interdependence of the wavelengths and diffraction angles, the distances between the slits and the distances from the slits to the observation screen. This way, the famous single and double slit experiments, as well as the diffraction grating and its equation can be understood in an handson manner that does not require any animations, as it is interactive by its playful nature. Further use of the same kit or a slightly modified version could include but would not be limited to: the modelling of water, pressure and all kinds of electromagnetic waves, all kinds of waves in general.

University of Luxembourg


Advantages of the wave model to simulate wave properties (e.g. diffraction and interference):
• Hands-on: high involvement of the students, that are not only observers but investigators
• Graspable explanation of wavelength leads to faster understanding and better memorization of the concept of wavelength
• Scalable system: the kit is based on scalable 3d files: easily available in different sizes
• Perfectly complements the famous laser experiments of the double slit, single slit and diffraction gratings
• Safe, low-cost, modular and adaptable material that can be used for further wave related physical experiments (e.g. Bragg diffraction)


• Tests for practical application with students (16-23 years old) have proven successful.
• Didactic material to complement the hardware is available: storyline, combination with laser double slit experiment, manual.
• Commercialization is technically feasible with relatively low investments.

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