Flexure-based manipulator for 2D micro-motion

Summary of the technology

The offer applies to a prototype of a flexure-based manipulator for 2D micro-motion tools using ordinary electric drives controlled by a joystick. The goal of further work is to prove that it is possible to build a cheap manipulator that performs typical works under a microscope.

Cracow University of Technology
Cracow University of Technology

Details of the Technology Offer

The offered manipulator can be included in the field of micromechanics. The results of the research work concern the prototypes of the manipulator transferring the joystick movement to the 2D micro-motion of the tool. The basic part of the manipulator is a steel monolith with constrictions that deform like pivot joints. The flexure-based manipulator design also allows you to change the gear ratio.

The joystick movement is a signal that controls typical electric drives that move the manipulator. Designs were made and physical prototypes of 2D manipulators were tested: with manual drive, with screw drives, with electric drives and a prototype of screw drive gripper. A prototype 3D manipulator is planned to be made.

An important progress of this technology will be the construction and testing of a manipulator that also performs rotational movements of the tool to a large extent. Research should show that it is possible to build a cheap manipulator that performs typical work under a microscope.

Intellectual property status

Patent already applied for

Patent application number : PL426393

Where : Poland

Current development status

Laboratory prototypes

Current development status

Experimental technologies

Desired business relationship

Technology development

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