New preparation method of silver nanoparticles suspension and silver nanoparticles suspension for medical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical application.

Summary of the technology

Subject of this offer is the preparation method of silver nanoparticles suspension by reduction of silver salt by using reducing agent of natural origin and in the presence of a stabilizer. In this method, the following reducing agents are used apiproduct or extract of amber.

The obtained nanoparticles can be applied in various industries, but the largest future is in the medical area, and as ingredient in cosmetic compositions due to the presence of non-toxic ingredients.

Description of the technology

Scientists from Cracow University of Technology developed a new preparation method of silver nanoparticles suspension. The suspension of silver nanoparticles can be applied in the medical and cosmetic industry or other due to the strong antimicrobial properties. Silver nanoparticles are one of the most widely used nanomaterials, because the best known its advantage is antimicrobial activity.


There are three main groups of methods for the synthesis of metal nanoparticles. The most common are chemical methods, but reagents used in reduction processes don’t remain neutral for environment. Furthermore, during the preparation of nanosilver by using reducing agents, additional products formed by oxidation reaction of the reducing agent (they are potentially dangerous or toxic). For these reasons, there is a need for reducing agents which are devoid of the above-mentioned disadvantages. Therefore, in relation to the existing environmental trend of the application of ecological technologies, it is desirable to develop reducing agents of natural origin. Apiproducts are products of the bee, which have a very unique nutritional and anti-bacterial properties. Moreover, they are the source of many elements. The presence of apiproducts in suspension of nanosilver particles is very beneficial for potential applications. Apiproducts contain a number of active substances with immunomodulatory, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity. Extract of amber is mixture of various chemical compounds, some of which have reducing properties due to can effectively reduce silver ion to metallic silver. Extract of amber is substance of natural origin and it is a safe alternative to toxic substrates, which are used in reduction reaction of metal. Extract of amber contains: fenchone, fenchol, camphor, isoborneol, borneol, bornyl formate, succinic acid, methyl-bornyl succinate and methyl-isobornyl succinate and pimaric acids, abietic acid and dihydroabietic and their esters, which are desirable active ingredients, especially for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Main advantages of its use

  • The main advantages arise from the fact that both reducing agents are natural origin, so they are completely safe in comparison to chemical reducing agents.Moreover, technology also corresponds to the current trend of the application of ecological technologies. The obtained nanoparticles can be applied in various industries, but the largest future is in the medical area, and as ingredient in cosmetic compositions due to the presence of non-toxic ingredients.


  • Medical, dental and pharmaceutical areas and other.

Related Keywords

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