Arkadiusz Rudawski, PhD

Technology Broker at Cracow University of Technology

PolandJoined February 2020


Technology Broker focused on implementation of research results of Cracow University of Technology to the industry.

Research areas of interest (7)

  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
  • Energy Technology
  • Biological Sciences
  • Agrofood Industry
  • Genetic Engineering / Molecular Biology
  • and 2 more

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The subject of this invention is an innovative door structure that allows the use of polymer engineering materials for anti-burglar joinery. The innovation of the presented solution will also consist in obtaining high mechanical properties of this product through the use of carefully selected recipe[…]

- Pressure pulsation damping in the reciprocating compressor manifolds, compressor stations and gas transmission pipelines - Reduction of the gas transmission pipelines vibrations[…]

We offer developed methods for the synthesis of known active substances by reaction in the presence of ultrasound and other eco-friendly methods. We also offer synthesis on request or a ready library of bioactive compounds with anti-cancer effect.[…]

The present invention relates to epoxy adhesives and vinyl ester adhesives for construction applications. They are characterized by high chemical resistance after solidification, very low primary and secondary shrinkage, also a short setting time at positive temperatures and a relatively short setti[…]

The technology comprises the obtainment of physically crosslinked aerogel with a unique chemical structure, which is responsible for the exceptional sorption capacity and antioxidant properties leading to scavenging of reactive radicals, especially oxygen (ROSS). Biomaterials are obtained from resou[…]

The subject of the invention will be a nanoformulation containing as a therapeutic ingredient bioactive lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia).[…]

Proposed VCHD allows the beekeepers (owners of small and medium apiaries) to dehydrate honey faster and cheaper than with the use of products available on the market nowadays. The cost of the VCHD is also lower than the cost of typical commercial honey dehydrators. What’s more. The VCHD is also mult[…]

The offer applies to a prototype of a flexure-based manipulator for 2D micro-motion tools using ordinary electric drives controlled by a joystick. The goal of further work is to prove that it is possible to build a cheap manipulator that performs typical works under a microscope.[…]

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