New Smart Method of contactless payment in HOV lanes (High Ocuppancy Vehicles)

Summary of the technology

The whole method is embedded into an smartphone App. The method considers two options: Computing the total cost independently of the entry point and computing the total cost depending of the entry point. The method allows user authentification into a certification authority. Pre-paid cards can be used to buy credit.

Description of the technology

We have developed a new toll collection method to be used in SMART cities and tollroad scenarios. The method can be used as a contacless payment method in High Ocuppancy Vehicles (HOV) lanes in cities and highways. The method preserves privacy of passengers and can be implemented and used without need of additional tools in the vehicle.


Our method combines a new cipher primitive based in identity-based dynamic threshold signature with a new technique of key distribution to automatize the payment. NFC as well as Bluetooth are used as a communication technology.

Main advantages of its use

  • Custome's privacy is assured and preserved.
  • Easy and cost effective implementation for interested companies is possible.
  • Secure and fast contacless payment method is provided


  • Company suppliers for smart cities services.
  • Mobility and telecomunications infrastructures companies
  • The method can be uses in different smart cities scenarios: indoor and outdoor parking zones, traffic jam regulations and moreover
  • Tollroads companies

Related Keywords

  • Traffic Engineering / Control Systems
  • Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts
  • traffic
  • Contactless payment methods
  • HVO lanes
  • Smart cities
  • tollroads
  • high ocuppancy vehicles

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