Catalytic wastewater treatment for organic matter removal

Summary of the technology

The catalytic technology allows you to remove high concentrations of COD (40.000-200.000ppm) at atmospheric pressure. All kind of organic compunds are removed (biodegradable and non biodegradable ones). The catalyst life is around 2-3 years. It is an exothermic process, so the energy needed for the process is just for the start up. The process works at 250-350ºC.

Description of the technology

HIDROMAT (Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation Process) is a technology based on the elimination of recalcitrant organic compounds by a catalytic reaction, so that pollutants are transformed into harmless or reusable products, resulting in products with higher added value. The reaction takes place in a catalytic reactor in vapour phase, where the organic pollutants are transformed into carbon dioxide and distilled water following an exothermic reaction: CnHm + O2 --> CO2 + H2O + Q


Process description: in a first step the polluted water is pre-heated and the vapour obtained is mixed with warm air and introduced to the reactor. The process does not need an extra addition of heat because it is autothermic. The outputs of the process are distilled water and carbon dioxide that is separated in gas phase.

Main advantages of its use

  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Efficiency: Conversion > 99% | All-purpose technology, accepts all kind of organic aqueous effluents, with different concentrations | Low energy consumes, autothermic process
  • Environmental friendly: Clean technology, no wastes are generated | Air is the reactant | Catalyst durability >2 years | Water reuse
  • Operation Temperature: 160-250 ºC.
  • Reduced cost of installation
  • Small space required


  • Industrial effluent treatment from different sectors : chemical, petrochemical, animal feeding, pharmacy, etc..
  • Industrial effluent with COD(40.000-500.000ppm) and no inorganic salts.

Related Keywords

  • Organic Substances
  • Materials Technology
  • Recycling, Recovery
  • Waste desinfection / detoxification
  • Sludge Treatment / Disposal
  • Wastewater Recycling
  • Water in Buildings
  • Genetic Engineering / Molecular Biology
  • Medical Health related
  • Catalytic wastewater treatment
  • organic matter removal
  • polluted water
  • clean technology
  • grean technology
  • industrial effluent treatment

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