An open-source scalable Personal Cloud that can adapt to the necessities of organizations.

Summary of the technology

StackSync is an Open Source Personal Cloud that takes care of your real needs and provides a cloud storage solution with scalability, security and privacy awareness.
StackSync fits perfectly in any kind of organization (e.g., Enterprise, SME, Government, Educational) offering adaptable cloud storage: private, hybrid or public.

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Description of the technology

StackSync is an open-source scalable Personal Cloud that can adapt to the necessities of organizations. It puts a special emphasis on security by encrypting data on the client side before it is sent to the server. StackSync is a secure and open source Personal Cloud for organizations. The major innovations of this product are (i) Open Personal Cloud for the OpenStack platform, (ii) Secure Personal Cloud including client-side encryption and privacy-aware sharing using attribute-based encryption, (iii) Elastic and Scalable architecture for large organizations.


Some of the StackSync features are: •Scalability: Unlike home solutions, StackSync relies on OpenStack Swift Object Storage technology, ensuring advanced data redundancy and scalability. •Security: StackSync implements a Zero-Knowledge security model thanks to client-side encryption technology. All information is encrypted before it is transmitted to the cloud. •Privacy awareness: StackSync will also provide an innovative and secure sharing mechanism based on Attribute-based Encryption, enabling fine-grained access control to shared information.

Main advantages of its use

  • Economic: Secure and reliable cloud storage and syncing technology at an affordable cost for companies and organizations.
  • Security and Privacy: The technology permits the safe and privacy-aware management of large amounts of sensitive data


  • Infrastructure providers (IaaS): StackSync helps IaaS providers to deploy an enterprise Personal Cloud for thousands of users. We offer white-label capabilities to third parties.
  • Public institutions: Governments, hospitals, or universities have strong security and privacy requirements, so it's very important for them to use a Personal Cloud storage solution that meets these restrictive need.
  • Small & Medium Enterprise (SME): StackSync proposes two deployment scenarios focused on SMEs in order to boost their storage in the cloud: Private and hybrid deployment

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