New device and method to detect the temperature remotely

Summary of the technology

The technology allows to detect the temperature remotely using the emission of light by nanoparticles of a luminescent material doped with lanthanide ions (Yb+3, Er+3, Tm+3 and HO+3, among others) deposited on the object to find its temperature. Excitation with infrared radiation of these luminescent particles produces light emission in different regions of the visible light collected by a sensor to obtain an intensity ratio.

Description of the technology

The Research group in Physics and Crystallography of Materials of the Department of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry of Faculty of Chemistry of Rovira i Virgili University have developed a new process to detect the temperature remotely, in real time, using optical and luminescent media.


The technology provides a device consisting in a power supply, focus optics and a measurement sensor to be coupled in an objective. The technology allows detecting the temperature in a particular location of the sample that it is being analyzed under the microscope. Moreover the technology is able to be implanted in other systems.

Main advantages of its use

  • •The technology solves the problem of differences in emissivity of the surfaces. •Best resolution, both spatially and thermometric, instrument calibration interval. •Automation of temperature measurement. •The technology allows to measure temperature differences of less than a tenth of a degree.


  • This technology is oriented to any industrial sector that needs to control the temperature. For example, this technology is able to be applied to biomedical industry (early assessment of cancer – cancerous cells have more temperature than healthy cells) or to electronics industry (to detect the evolution of chip temperature in an electronic device), among others.

Related Keywords

  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
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