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Preparation of Microscope Slides for medical, biological and veterinary purposes

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Summary of the technology

In a laboratory of Virology and Morphology of an Academic University (Novosibirsk, Russia) the technology of production of high-quality microscope slides for histologic researches was developed. The technology can be applied in educational purposes as well as in different research programs in Pharmacology, Medicine, Biology, etc. The authors are looking for potential partners in order to hand over the technology and/or establish joint production and market implementation of biological exemplars.

Description of the technology

Now there is only limited quantity of companies providing a service of manufacturing some teaching biological materials for Embryology, General and Local Histology. Teaching materials produced by these enterprises do not have constant positive characteristics in quality, quantity and production time of the materials. The technology of high-quality microscope slides` production and selection obtained at the laboratory of Academic University (Novosibirsk, Russia) is a result of long-standing experience combined with the newest techniques of manufacturing. Approach practiced by authors solves the several problems. First, it solves the problem of lack of materials for demonstration. Moreover, it expands the basis for 1) studying viruses and bacteria, 2) studying human and animal organism structure, 3) studying pathological material from oncological patients. The preparation of histological specimens goes under rigorous scientific control basing on the use of many different methods of coloration. Each slide is implemented in 6-7 days and has a low prime cost. Potential partners are offered the cooperation in the area of production of wide range of qualitative materials. These materials will be presented in the form of standardized and/or unique sets for biological materials` studying. At the same time partners are offered the cooperation with pharmaceutical companies and research groups for the purpose of processing and training in the preparation of histologic specimens made from biological objects provided directly by researchers.

In the process of manufacturing teaching materials a number of coloring methods are used in order to study their functionality. Production of one drug sample is carried out in 6-7 days. There is an opportunity to provide samples for training and research not only from the list of a standard collection of manuals (materials from mammals: cats, dogs, pigs, seals, birds, marine mammals, embryos), but also the non-standard materials (allocated from rare biological objects, oncological samples, bodies with a tumor) which are quite rare on the Russian and international market. Moreover, essential advantage of samples` production is their low prime cost reached due to optimization of process of histologic medicines` preparation. Thus, innovative aspects of technology are: - big range of methods of coloring, - short period of production, - wide range of samples, - low cost of sample` receiving.

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