Compressor Less Air Conditioner for Arid Climate Zones

Summary of the technology

We have developed an alternative , Bio-Climatic air conditioning technology that can work on solar power, uses water as a refrigerant, This is the first air conditioner that cools you and cools the neighborhood instead of heating it up.

A demo can be seen here :


Details of the Technology Offer

Air Conditioning is a need and with rising temperatures across the world, this need is exacerbated. Traditional or Legacy air conditioning solutions have provided us with much required thermal comfort however the price we pay with the feedback loops have made our cities and neighborhoods warmer thereby warming up our planet.

Our Room Air Conditioner is 1.5 TR equivalent and the scaled-up version of our technology is available in 5 TR equivalent modules.

We are looking at licensing our technology to companies either in the Air Conditioning sector or to work with companies / institutions / investors that are willing to invest and work with us to provide the solution in developing nations across the world.

We have the technology to make the world a better place and need climate finance to accelerate the uptake of climate friendly technologies.

Intellectual property status

  • Granted Patent
  • Patent application number :337229
  • Granted Patent
  • Patent application number :373322
  • Patent already applied for
  • Patent application number :16/414,932

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About TORO WATT Corp.

TORO WATT is an HVAC Technology company that works on niche low energy cooling technologies for human comfort in residential, commercial and industrial applications; indoor farming and Data Center extended free cooling.


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