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Tocopherol or Vitamin E from Soyabean Oil Distillate

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Summary of the technology

Unique proprietary technology to produce high purity mixture of fatty acids and tocopherol enriched fractions. Process suitably uses feedstock like soyabean, sunflower and cotton seed DOD. Higher Tocopherol recovery. Payback 2.5-3.0 years.


Intellectual property status

Granted Patent

Patent number :

2174/MUM/2013 (Process for preparation of Sterols & Tocopherols

3116/MUM/2015 (Process for preparation of Tocopherols)

4215/MUM/2015 (Process for preaparation of tocopherols using esterification)

Where : India

Desired business relationship

Other : Technoloy, plant and machinery (EPC)

Technology Owner

Praj Industries Limited

Large Enterprise

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About Praj Industries Limited

Large Enterprise from India

PRAJ is globally renowned Biotechnology Company offering EPC projects in Biofuels, Brewery, Health & Wellness, Cosmetics, Pharma & Biotechnology, Water & Waste Water, Customized Process Equipment's. It has 3 manufacturing units. It has more than 750 references in Biofuels and Alcohol across the globe. PRAJ has resources about 1000 including Engineers, Ph.Ds etc. Ít has State of the art PRAJ Matrix R & D Center equipped with 15 labs, pilot plant facility for fermentation, distillation, separation, evaporation, dehydration. It has also pilot plant facility (Biorefinery) to produce biochemical from lignocellulosic feedstock.

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