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The present invention refers to a process for performing transesterification reactions, mainly for obtaining alkyl ester from fatty acids and/or glycerine, more particularly for producing biodisel, which comprises the following stages: reaction of animal fats and/or vegetable oils either pure or used, with an alcohol at a temperature of from about 40 DEG C to about 300 DEG C in the presence of a catalyst that comprises the mixed oxides M2+OM3+2O3, M2+OMp+2OpM3+2O3 or mixtures thereof, where M2+ is a divalent cation, M3+ is a trivalent cation and Mp+ is at least a divalent or trivalent cation or a mixture thereof obtained by the calcination of materials, where the catalyst, previous the activation to be used as a catalyst, presents the X-ray diffraction pattern characteristic of the anionic clays which have a molar ratio M2+/M3 of 1 to 10, thus forming alkyl esters from fatty acids which are separated from the alcohol without reacting and from the glycerine, by decantation, filtration, centrif ugation and/or solid-liquid extraction.

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  • Energy Technology
  • Renewable Sources of Energy
  • Liquid biofuels
  • Integrated waste-energy processes
  • Energy efficiency

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