Neodymium magnet motor technology with 97% efficiency.

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Summary of the technology

We offer with 97% efficiency neodymium magnet motor technology, that you could start produce under your brand.
We developed low (5-70w) and high power (2kw) neodymium magnet motor technology.


Details of the Technology Offer

We offer very economical neodymium magnet motor technology. The technology consists of low-power 5-70w and high-power 2kw motors, that are ready-made prototypes and ready for production. They are adaptable and can be integrated into different systems. Environmentally friendly and can be used in energy, transport, engineering, construction industry, ventilation stystems and other areas of technology.The principle of this technology is scalable.

Purpose and technical objective of the invention is to expand the scope applications, cost savings, increased power density and efficiency fan. Depending on the application, the fan motor may work as an electric motor, electric generator, powered by constant electric current. It can also work as a motor in small energy on low-power compressors, pumps and instead of all kinds of low power fans.

2kw motor has passed the laboratory tests and you can view them on our website
We can organize a motor demonstration online our face to face in location Riga, Latvia.

When purchasing the technology, you will be provided with all technical drawings, CAD files, a detailed description of the technology and know-how to start production in global scale.

Intellectual property status

Patent prepared for submission

Current development status

Working prototypes

Desired business relationship

Technology selling

Prototype descriptions and video presentations

Related Keywords

  • Magnetic and superconductory materials/devices
  • Industrial Technologies
  • Energy Technology
  • Rational use of energy
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  • Power transmission equipment (including generators and motors)
  • Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts

About Infinitygraph

We are laboratory that works with scientists that improve technologies that restores the planet's ecology.

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